Pain in the Back Side

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by UK_General, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. when im out for a run on flat terrain i feel fine, but when i start to run up hill for a few minits i start to get lower back pains, is this right for a 17 year old??
  2. Yes it is if you are not used to it, on the days when you are not running try some work on your core muscle groups which support the back. Sit ups and press ups are the most obvious that spring to mind. Also make sure your trainers are running shoes and not some chav fashion accesory
  3. Get some good asics running shoes. You might find that your calfs will start hurting you aswell. Which is basically the sheath on the outside of the muscle giving you gyp because your muscles are expanding.
  4. well other than that and my broken hand, my bodys a temple. All i got to do now is wait until feb

    thanks for adive il get working on them core muscle groups an maybe invest in some new sneakers
  5. oh i no about that calf muscle only too well, had plenty of gyp off it
  6. my lower back has fun sometimes too, dont worry about it just tighten up your core and it all fixes itself :)
  7. One of my routes takes me up a steep hill for a mile and a wee bit, then a flat run of about half a mile, then a mile down hill of a similar gradient. I find my back starts aching on the downhill part, but I think it's because going downhill I shift my centre of gravity by arching my back involuntarily. I've been running regularly for a year or so now and it still happens. It's fine for the rest of the day and when I go to the gym though, so sod it, be reet.
  8. Just to expand (memory has been jogged)...

    Lower back pain is caused by various things, from strain on a muscle, pressure on a nerve (severe case sciatica) or a slipped disc etc. All easily "treatable". In all cases and whatever diagnosis you get (Docs, Physios, Osteopaths and chiropractors tend to give the same injury different diagnosis') the treatment is generally the same:

    Use heat if you want for up to 30 minutes
    Rest by lieing down with a pillow under the head and under the knees.
    Stretches may help the lower back muscles, lay back and raise your knees to your chest. Pull them in and force your lower back down.
    KEEP ACTIVE! Sitting around tends to make the symptoms of back pain worse. Keeping active is great.

    Obviously seek expert advice as im just a bloke on the net :) But thats common advice.

    Oh yeah, it usually treats itself in a matter of weeks/ months. It can take a year or more though... bit shit that is :) I'd just live with it :)
  9. i've been suffering from lower back pain the past 2 weeks

    strained a muscle at the RSC.. almost completely healed now though

    had 2 days rest, then like said i kept active... been going the gym still but not been usin the rowin machines or free weights

    went out on my pushbike the other day aswell for 20miles...and went on a 6km run, helped it a lot

    i was worrying at first coz i start basic in just over 2 weeks but it feels fine now
  10. I got the impression that too much gym work can become a hindarance when training for the army if you put on too much bulk
  11. Try adding slow and cautious back extensions to your fitness schedule
  12. i havent put too much bulk on to be honest

    5'9" and 12 stone.. just toned up + gained more strength
  13. sounds like a sensible weight to be, do you ever use a bench press? i find mixing up heavy lifts, with light weights and high reps helps with pressups.
  14. Could these back problems be caused by poor seating and posture
  15. no mate i dont use it

    just use all the machines then spend a bit on the freeweights