Pain in knees

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Paratus44, May 17, 2007.

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  1. hi when i start jogging now i get a pain mainly on my right knee on the inside just below the knee cap kinda like a dull ache that sometimes is a sharp pain, i can run though it but just wonderd if any1 knows what it is i dont wana go doctors incase it goes on my medical record and army dont let me join or something.
  2. hmm, does it feel like a bruise? I get a pain under my knees if i have done a lot of running over the last couple of days, i mentioned it to a mate who does frequent half marathons and he told me its somthing to do with fluid around the joint, and over time builds up a solid bump under the knee.

    Not a problem but can be a bit tender after a few hard runs, of course i am not a doctor, and i have not heard that from a doctor, but it put my mind to rest hearing it, it only hurts if i prod under my knee, so i just stopped prodding under my knee :)

    hmm i can't spell for sh*t
  3. Why are you doing lots of threads ref your aches and pains.Why not just write everything under one heading.You claim to be 22 years old , yet you had to walk during a 20min run. Then it was leg pains, 'is it shins splints?', then the ache was in your calf.Now you've got pains in your knee.
    Personally I would have to say if you have all these problems at 22 before you even enter the Forces your best bet would be to stay away from strenuous exercise.
  4. 2 threads about aches alot to you? guess it is for someone with your level of intellect cant you count past 3? Im sorry for not being able to see into the future i should have known i would get a ache in my knees im so sorry to have forced you to read this thread.......get a life
  5. awww boo hoo did i upset the little girlie
  6. Play nicely - or at least keep the thread on track!


  7. No worries PB :smile: So keeping it on track, you already have a thread running where you have stated you have problems with your legs, why not just throw this onto it. Although my original thought stands. If at 22 you are already having lower leg and knee problems, then a job where strenuous exercise is a given probably isn't the best course for you
  8. I can only speak from my own experience but when I was in a similar boat to you and trying to get fit, my body hurt and ached like fcuk in all sorts of places.

    After a while I realised it was just part of the process of getting used to regular exercise. That sorted my head out and the pains went away.

    Just relax and keep at it. Set realistic targets and meet them and before you know it sub 10.30 times will come. Don't ignore trying to do good (for your own level) distances too. Also take breaks for a couple of days to recover if you really hurt.
  9. I think that I might actually have got over my knee dramas (finally). Sort yourself out with a pair of decent trainers, and if your joints are stiff/creaky get some cod liver oil down you. Just say you're buying it for your dad or you'll get a look at the checkout along the lines of 'He looks well for a 60 year old.' :) If all else fails, chin up and jog on.
  10. I too have knee problems due to lots of pressure on them over the years. Speak to a trainer or something they can give you certain exercise that can build it back up again.

    It could also be your cartilidge or something, you should check it out with the doc first they should have more of an idea. You wont have much of an army career if your knee keeps playing up anyway.
  11. It may not be his knee's fault, he may be a big fat knacker which would be putting undue strain on the poor little fellas.
  12. Bilateral Chondromalacia Patella-Also explained to me as Knackered knees.
    DO NOT join up if you have this condition now-or when you start to carry heavy weights your knees will eventually-in time- be totally fuucked and may even click-get a second opinion if you like. Yet the bottom line is CP needs rest not selection-your call.
  13. Hello Walter, welcome back. Are you a doctor now as well as a PTSD specialist?

    Still flying parachutes?
  14. REME recommends spraying with WD-40 :D :D
  15. Clicking knees can be a problem if associated with pain, sometimes knees just click, there is no actual medical reason for it.
    You can have problems with your legs if you run like a spaz, like over-pronating or supinating.
    It could also be that you just need to work more.
    If your that worried get down the docs.