pain in knee after 6 miles`

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by arby, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    getting a sharp pain in my left knee after just over 6 miles into a run. It has been suggested that the muscles around the knee are simply not strong enough yet. After a day, the knee is back to normal and Im able to go back out without any probs.

    can anyone suggest excercises to build up the muscles around that area? Should I be working on quads (squats etc) or are there more targetted excercises to do?
  2. Hard to say, could be anything.

    Make sure you get enough rest and consider some load-bearing exercises like you suggest.
  3. After 6 miles, you say.

    That'll be the six-mile stone. Try jumping it, running round it, or turn back.

    Taxi !.
  4. I had something similar, apparently caused by concentrating too much on running without other forms of exercise. See a physio who will probably recommend exercises such as balancing board, one leg squats etc
  5. thanks guys. Yeah I thought I was just being a poof and not pushing past it but the last time I tried that, I was fcuked for a week. Time to call Mr BUPA, I think.
  6. Could be loads of problems it sounds like a patella problem though.

    Long distance runners suffer from it more than sprinters because the vastus medialis obliquus (VMO) muscle isnt developed like it is in sprinters.

    The VMO is the quad muscle that attaches to the inside edge of the knee cap and keeps the kneecap in its groove.

    If the muscle isnt developed enough the knee cap can have a tendancy to not sit central and rub on the one side of the groove which then gives the pain you may be feeling.

    Few days rest and the swelling will go down, then when you start running again it starts to rub and pain comes back.

    If this is what your experienceing then its probably a VMO problem.

    Some exercises to try:

    Sit down with your back against a wall and bring your good leg up towards your bum. Keep your other leg flat on the floor and tense your quad bringing your toes towards yourself (You will feel your kneecap move up)

    While doing this raise your leg off the floor about 6 inches and lower back to floor. Do this 5 times then on the 5th time hold it in the air while tensed for 5 seconds.

    Repeat for 10/15/20/25 (Lifts and holds)

    Then tense again as before but your your foot to the side so it is pointing away from you and lift 5 times, hold for 5 seconds and repeat for 10/15/20/25

    Do this every day apart from days you are running and after 3 or 4 weeks you should not have anymore problems (You will visually notice your VMO muscle become more pronounced)

    I had he same problem and followed the above and the pain went completely.

    Good luck
  7. the_one, fantastic, cheers mate. Will try that and see how I get one. Should I carry on doing squats and wallholds or are they not applicable?
  8. You got it spot on :)
  9. I'd still get a medic to look at it in person, internet diagnosis is one thing...but if you fcuk your knees up, well.....need I say more! If you are with BUPA then cool, get in there and get the diagnosis confirmed....and some physio!
  10. will do, might as well use up this company's healthcare package :twisted:
  11. I'd ask to see a pysio rather than a doctor as in my experience doctors are useless with injuries and will suggest rest and ibrupofen etc then if it continues see a pysio.

    You may as well just go straight to a pysio.

    arby - I wasnt told to do squats, do them if you feel comfortable but remember squats put a lot of pressure on the knee so if your knee is hurting after a run or day after its probably not a good idea to put weight on it doing squats.
  12. I used to get that problem, and the quad exercises (see the_one's post above) sorted it out in a week or so, but then i'd forget to do them and the problem would come back.

    A couple of years ago I got into doing yoga, and stretching out my hamstrings and calves seems to have cured it properly.

    seeing a qualified physio' is a good idea if the problem persists.
    routinely taking painkillers/anti-inflamatorys is definately not.
  13. Yeah the exercises i did to strenghen the VMO as i posted above will need to be done for as long as im running otherwise the muscles will relax and the kneecap wil sit slightly off centre and pain would come back