Pain in calf, but to the side?!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sophistikate, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what I might have done to my leg:

    Where? On my left leg, on the left hand side, just above the ankle, and including an area about 10cm long.

    What? A dullish sort of pain when walking and running, but occasional sharp pains especially at the end of the day when I'm tired and when walking down the stairs.

    There's no sign of injury or difference between the legs, but if I prod the area it feels bruised/tender to touch. I think the whole calf is generally quite tight and have tried stretching it etc, but it's been two weeks now and it's getting worse not better.

    I realise I did a silly thing by going running with crap shoes, but IIRC, I hadn't even gone running for a couple of days when it appeared.

    Argh, I should go to the doctors but I suspect they will say rest, which I am already doing...

    Over to you!
  2. swollen up? tender, bigger than the other one?

    You might wanna get that checked out by your GP to rule out owt sinister

    No doubt just a pull but ya pays ya taxs so use the NHS
  3. No difference between the legs, but it is tender - especially if I press hard.

    Now, the next thing is to find time to go to the docs. Work is manic!
  4. You didn't feel a 'bang' or a 'pop' at any time during your phys did you? Some people with ruptured achilles tendons complain of a sensation akin to being hit with a cricket back at the back of the calf during squash/football/running.

    Is there any discolouration or loss of range of movement?

    Is the feeling in your toes normal?

    Sounds a bit like a partially ruptured achilles tendon or a tendonitis. Take some brufen, try a compression bandage (low level of evidence), and pop ice on it when it hurts, see if that helps and get your GP/physio to check it out. If exercise exacerbates it -then rest! Hope you get better!
  5. OP,

    I've got something similar, comes and goes depending on how much running I do. It's not unbearable, but certainly unpleasant.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Could be all manner of things, the problem with the internet is it's very hard to diagnose anything! A visit to the gp, or more usefully a decent sports physio with a frame of reference to the type of activity you do would do wonders.

    Have you rolled your ankle? The muscles that do most of the stabilisation for that joint run up the sides of your shin and connect below the ankle joint, if you strain the joint the muscles can become aggravated and this can cause the muscles the present pain.

    On the other hand you could have an issue with mysofacia sticking to the muscles and inhibiting movement, causing the trigger points you describe.

    Or you could have shin splints.

    Or you could have compartment syndrome.

    I'd do the sensible thing, find the time and speak to the professionals about why this is being caused. Half the time the place where the pain is isn't where the problem lurks - be wary of physios who purely work on the affected area, as then the pain goes you're happy so you pays your money and 3 months later the problems back. But i'm sure a man like you, bob, would know all this anyway!
  7. Okay, thanks everyone!

    To the doctors it is, and fingers crossed it isn't too serious.

    Will keep you updated...
  8. Sounds like terminal leg cancer to me.
  9. I agree with your prognosis Dr Spaz.

    I recommend the OP cuts their leg of below the knee, before the cancer spreads to the arrse region and you start farting fire...... your coccyx may become inflammed as it grows in to a tail too.
  10. Thanks.

  11. Would you please confine this type of smutty comment to the NAAFI Bar.
  12. Get it checked, fractured fibula manifests as bony tenderness above the ankle and can be caused by stressing the bone.
  13. Bad AIDS. Oh well, you had a good life.
  14. This is all true. Amputation is the way ahead. It won't stop your pulling power, ask K13 :eek:
  15. Genius. :lol: