Pain Control Patches. Could they work?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Westpoint, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. I hope this is the best sub section to post this.

    I have heard from a usually reliable source that the medical boffins have invented a pain control patch (like a "nicotine patch" I guess) and are about to test them on paid volunteers.

    How effective do you think they will be IF and WHEN they ever get issued and used at the front?
  2. Pain control patches have been around in many different guises for many years, please be more specific. And why do you think they would be on issue in a war zone ?
  3. All I know is that a new one will be tested on human volunteers soon.
  4. Yeah man, you up for that are you? Like hey, free drugs man and I get paid too huh?

    My bro was on the last test and now he's addicted and smokes 60 fent patches a day man, no way, don't do it man....

    Geesus h fuckin christ man, like I'm outa here...
  5. They have been around for 20 years to my knowledge. I've no personal knowledge of military use of them but I'd be surprised if they aren't used for some application.
    'On the front line' i'd imagine you'd still need something with a quicker onset of action. No reason though why morphine and a patch could be used. Probably already in use. New patches come out all the time it's big money for drug companies.
  6. My missis is going on some form of pain control patch soon on the advice of our local pain clinic. She had her second hip replacement in January of this year and we hope it will replace the rather unhealthy cocktail of diclofenic, oxycontin, duloxetine and other stuff she has to take now. Considering she is a staff nurse in a cardiac ward on 12 hour shifts I think she is doing "quite well"
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  7. Well done to her mate. I hope she gets better pain control.
  8. I was given a pain control patch 4 years ago,supposed to last 7 days but in less than 24 hours I was as high as a kite,scratching until I bled,unable to sleep,f**k that for a game of soldiers i`ll stick to Tramadol and paracetamol mix.
  9. ..... She is indeed doing well, but that is one hell of a cocktail of drugs to be on, considering the position she holds..... Short-term memory being hugely important to her, as it is.
    The patches, presumably Fentanyl (Matrifen here in the UK) will provide her enough of a background dose of painkiller she may not need anything for breakthrough pain other than Paracetamol, which synergises with the opiate-based Matrifen patches.
    I hope so anyway.
    Chronic (constant) pain with outbreaks of acute pain is some thing it is completely impossible to understand if you haven't, or aren't, 'been there'. ....
    The Duluxetine (and maybe Lyrica?) is actually one of the drugs used to treat mental health issues at full dose, but at the tiny (comparatively) doses used for pain, it has a quite marked effect on neuropathic pain. She may still need those. Neuropathic pain can be a real bitch to relieve. My best wishes to her.
  10. Easy on the Tramadol, Tafft. They can have some severe effects of your thought processes, and they ARE addictive.
    It sounds like your dose of opiates was in error. You should also have been given something for the feeling of sickness, and for any itching.
    Keep a weather-eye on your intake of Tramadol, and speak to your doctor if it approaches the high side.
    Paracetamol can also cause damage long-term. Keep within the limits.
  11. Ah yes sorry, duloxetine is because she is prone to depression, not surprising really, short term memory never a problem, she writes things down. long term memory.................hell of a problem for me, "I remember that girl years ago blady blah blah "

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  12. My problem is I can`t use anti inflammatories so between a rock and a hard place,I try to limit the use of Tramadol.
  13. While opioids are addictive if you genuinely need pain relief what are the alternatives? The drug companies lie when releasing new drugs such as pregabalin and gabapentin I could reel off a load of others but I'll not bore you.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Patches? We ain't got no patches. We don't need no patches! I don't have to show you no stinkin' patches.

    Stick your technology. I'll take heroin or if it is down to nurses, morphine. Patches is for hippies jeans not broken bones.
  15. For the last 7 years up until july this year I was on a permanent pain management scheme of 400mgs of Tramadol a day and by extreme pain attacks , liquid Diamorph was availble as a final resort!!, which kept
    my pain level down to a dull roar ,I was able to function reasonably, the long term use of tramadol was giving me severe stomache bleeds
    my GP got permission to try Norspan 7day slow release Buprenorphine Transdermal patches. Through a 3 month trial period, using patches
    with a 5 microgramme hourly release, a correct weekly or half weekly dosage is calculated. As a previous thread mentioned the patch did
    not work, made him high as a kite, and gave him a rash, he was problably prescribed the patch by his local witch doctor and not a pain manage
    ment specialist, , the rash is usually an allergy to the glue on the patch, but there are also various glues to try as well, Now I am almost completely painfree
    on a 25mgs patch per week, and have not touched diamorph since july,my consultant treats injured afghan veterans with the same type of patches
    I can only recommend their use, anything that stops me from taking 2800 gms of tramadol orally a week ,has got to be an improvement1!!!
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