Pain and how do you cope?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by themaadone, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Chronic pain cuases fatigue and anxiety. Many of us suffer in one way or the other, some more and others less.

    Up until now I have persevered with medicinal therapy and a load of tablets including opioids.

    I have tried relaxing and have had massages prescribed by the dozen.

    Sometimes the pain has made me physically sick. I am at a lack of words or undersatnding as to what I can do....

    Anybody with similar experiences or ideas and yes I have tried to **** and spank myself..... so any alternatives which actually may stand a chance of working????
  2. first what is wrong with you if it is anything like me and you have voices in your head then i have to say your fcuked.
  3. What is the cause of the chronic pain? My wife suffers from chronic pain due to rheumatoid arthritis which affects her through most of her joints.

  4. Have been in the same situation since Oct 1992 so can empathise mate. Have you tired a TENS machine? One of the best things is exercise, I know it isn't always possible, but the more you can manage the better it will be - usually. Most areas offer pain management courses now. I attended one in Bradford and it was fantastic, however, the one in Wolverhampton was a joke at best. It's all worth a go if you've never tried any of them before. Get back (no pun intended) to me and we'll see what we can come up with.
  5. I can certainly relate to what you are going through. I've got spinal injuries & I'm trying my best to cope with constant pain & all the baggage that goes with it. (Motorbike accident.) I'm on Durogesic transdermal patches (75 mcg/hr) & a whole lot more to supliment the patches. A combination of medication & physiotherapy does help a bit.

    I understand the being sick bit, I get blinding headaches to the point where I am physically sick. Part is due to the fact that I also copped for a head injury (The old brain rattled about bouncing off my inner skull.) The other part is due to the pain radiating throughout my spine & up into my head. (Gnawing away like a rat.)

    Best advice I can give is; DON'T let it get you down...I have bad days & they certainly outweigh the good. I try to be positive about the future. It can be hard, but it IS possible.

    A year ago I couldn't walk more than 10 metres without being in absolute agony, I've moved on considerably from that point now. Admittedly a lot of my improvement is NOT because I've healed, it's because the strong medication is masking part of the pain.

    I've had doctors tell me all sorts.......

    'It could take up to 5 years to recover from the accident Mr Active Edge.'

    I then got a second opinion..................

    'You will not improve from this point & will be disabled for life Mr. Active Edge.' 8O

    I'm a positive sort of bloke, so I've gone for the 5 year recovery plan.

    I honestly don't know how two orthopedic surgeons could come up with such different findings within a few months of each other?

    I laugh about my present situation, it helps....I've gone through the depressed, where's the rope stage, which of course is only human nature. Positive thinking is the way forward for me & it does help.

    I could go on & on for ever....................if you want any help or advice PM me.
  6. My pain is headache and migranes complimented by neck and shoulder pains..... had lots of neurophysiotherapy and so on, just thought I'd see what other people are getting and what helps you. Thanks!
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Have you had an ultrasound or similar type of scan of your heart?

    Migraines have been shown to be related, in some cases, to a PFO or similar minor defect of the heart wall which is easily dealt with through a minor, non open heart operation.
  8. As well as injuring my spine (Cervical & lumber vertabrae.) & head in the motorbike accident I also damaged tendons etc in my left shoulder, that has eased somewhat after cortisone injections. I still get slight pains, but nowhere as bad as it was. It all depends what you've done to your shoulder?

    I've tried the tens machine for the pain in my neck (This was after 2 fractured cervical vertabrae had knitted back together.) I still had some serious problems with trapped/damaged/inflamed fascia/nerves/muscle/ etc in my neck though. Unfortunately the tens machine didn't help me, however it's got to be worth a try. I have heard a number of people say it worked for them.

    I've also had acupuncture, again no good for me but it could work for you.

    I also tried a form of acupuncture where the needles send an electrical impulse through your body. I cannot remember the name of this treatment though?? Trans### something or other, this is another form of treatment for neckback injuries/pain.

    I'm waiting for trigger point injections..............there's another path you could go down.

    I know where you're coming from with the migraines for a long while after my bike accident I suffered with blinding pains in my head. I would be laid on my spazz bed (As I used to call it.) & I would wrap my pillow around my head & ask for the curtains to be closed. The pain was unbelievable & to this day I still say that if I'd have had a gat by my bedside I would have blown my brains out. They would last for at least 4 hours, I would get an intense throbbing pain in the left part of my head & get like a flashing sensation in front of my eyes. It would usually end with me throwing up. I was prescribed nurofen & maxolon, there was no immediate improvement, however they did eventually become less frequent. Whether this was down to the meds or my body slowly recovering I do not know.

    Hope this helps you mate. remember there is light at the end of the tunnel, keep yer pecker up.

  9. My headaches are caused by a fall!! I had whilst on duty resulting in brain injury, the shoulder and neck are just things that are minor compared to it.

    It's hard sometimes especially when migrane follows migrane and so on but a new life awaits me