Pain after running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by pompey, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. I thought I'd try and get some help here (I've been googling and trying to do a self-dignosis via the net) before dragging myself to the doc.

    For the last 2 months I've had a pain at the side and to the rear of my seems to be brought on by the impact of running and afterwards it is sore when I flex my legs - especially if I put weight on that particular leg and bend it.
    I tried to locate the pain and can't fathom out if it is at the top of Tibia or if it is a ligament /'s not the knee itself - which even though they have been achey in the past and can be personal barometers in winter (!) they are fine now with the Cod live oil and Glucosamine products I take.

    The soreness / stiffness dies down after a day and I have binned the running and been out on the bike for some serious work... no problem there at all. Whether the different range of movement and the fact there is no impact on the area whilst on the bike means the problem doesn't flair up, I don't know...but on the 3 times I've gone out for a run to 'test' the injury, it comes back and I'm at a loss as to what it is or what to do - pure rest, no sport?? See the doc?? Chop the leg off?? :wink:

    Any help and advice would be appreciated...or I'll go and see the man and let him see what the runes say!!!
  2. I'd go and see a therapist, phsyio or sports. It's really difficult to figure out things like this without seeing it in person really. Reading your post my initial thoughts are that you may have some inflammation of the miniscus, perhaps more on one side that the other??? This could be caused by all sorts of other factors. Excellent idea to stop the running for a while and move over to cycling. You need to get it looked at, and treated properly. You could try self massage to ease the inflammation and you could also try cold compresses but really my strongest piece of advice is to get it looked at properly. If needs be then pop into a specialist running shop that can pop you on a treadmill and assess your lower limb biomechanics. It may be caused by crap trainers. Who knows, but worth finding out.
  3. Dodgy one this, Pompey, and made even more difficult by the "long-distance" and vaguely described symptoms. It sounds very much like a hamstring injury to me, but without a proper butcher's and analysis, I really am only guessing.
    You're best bet by far is to do as remedialtherapy advised and get yourself along to a sports therapist to ascertain what the actual trouble is.
    Sorry I(we) couldn't be of more help.

  4. Dont talk to me about knee pains, Ive had them all. My pores ooze Cod live oil. It might by the old Ilioltibial Band Syndrome. I had that one back in 1980 something or other. Physio gave be bizarre exercises to do. Go to this site to read more.
    But rather than take an old sweats advice go see the physios like bugsy and remthep say.
    All the best.
  5. Cheers for the I get myself in for an MOT I think...

    It's fine now (48 hours after a run) and no worries after todays session on the bike, so seems to be brought on when I run - so better see a man in the know and might have a gait check and see if I need insoles (or callipers!!!!!)


  6. Tent-eye,

    Just had a look at that describes exactly what I have - so I.T.B seems a possibility.
    Cheers, I'll go and see if a specialist, see what they say.
  7. sod em their all quacks and will take your bucks. fight through, you'll be in a wheelchair eventually anyway.

  8. :lol: -yeah, I'm getting soft, I should take the pain and run with a stick in mouth....something to bite on!
  9. what you need to consider is your age, weight, exercise history/type , long term diet and previous injuries. if at the top of your knee and not 'knee' as you state , consider the menisci or cartiledge. glucosamine will help but adequate nutrient intake should prevail from a decent diet, maybe your patella is not tracking properly as a result of your tight ITB which can be addresed by suitable stretching exercise. sticks taste like shit, try chewing gum
  10. Get referred to physio - they'll sort you out.
  11. I can only relate your injury to mine from last year as it sounds similar. A couple of hours after a run my right knee stiffened up and over night became very painful, I took some pain killers thinking it was a minor muscle pull and rested it for a week, went running and soon realised it was still no good. I then rested it for two weeks, and tried joy.

    I basically fecked about for three months thinking it was a niggling muscle tear, finally saw a specialist via the works private healthcare package...........Doc tells me its a torn cartilidge. Had a operation last February and got back to half decent running (for a fat 39yr old) about six months later. Don't put it off see your quack asap.
  12. I'll second this suggestion regarding your problem possibly being the dreaded Iliotibial Band Syndrome. I was laid low with this bloody condition for the best part of 6-7 months, in which time I forked out quite a bit of the root of all evil on acupuncture and physio. Certainly, take the advice you've received here about having it looked at, as it is the only sure fire way to have whatever is wrong diagnosed and treated properly. It's a weird condition, which affected the area immediately around my knee, and caused me excruciating pain quite suddenly out of the blue and literally stopped me in my tracks (as in I couldn't walk at all).

    It can be treated and afterwards avoided in training.

    The best of luck with getting it sorted, as it cost me dearly.
  13. Just seen the Phsyio this week - it is Iliotibial Band Syndrome - well done for those that spotted that.

    I ended up (stupidly) doing orienteering out near Swinley Forest recently after a month or two rest, thinking I might be fine - but NO!!! Almost crippled me and hurt like hell afterwards and would not I went and got it checked out.
    Apprently my left foot (no Daniel Day Lewis jokes needed!!) pronates (why now??? I've been running for years) and has caused the ITBS... had treatment this week, more next week and booked an appointment to get the foot Doc to have a look, and get insoles made - or callipers??!! Quite glad it is soft tissue injury and not a knee joint problem or anything like shin splints - glad when it's all sorted as it niggles a bit still and stairs are a nightmare!!
  14. Thanks for getting back to us about your ITB. Did your physio give you exercises to do?
    Ref insoles: - get them, make sure they are properly measured, they will be very comfy in the end.
  15. Tent-Eye,

    Insoles looks a definate, got 2 opinions and both confirmed that this would be best bet, going for specific tailor made rather than off the shelf, even though it will cost a bit!!

    Cheers for the info - much appreciated.