Paid Vacation in Texas; Need A & B Veh VMs + other


Tactical Tanks is a management training company based in Sherman, Texas USA. Information can be found at

It currently owns and operates a fleet of British A & B vehs, including Fox, Ferret, Chieftain, Abbott, Saracen, FV432 and Landrover. In addition, several US B vehicles are on the fleet.

A dozen Abbott's have been de-milled and modified for use by civilians to use for cross-country navigation and command tasks over 250 acres of rough land. They are supported by half a dozen Chieftains, and an equivalent number of FV432 variants - some modified to task, some not. The other vehicles are used as required.

I am looking for bright, creative, trustworthy and currently footloose ex-REME VM's/VM+ or serious ex-RAC/other D&M B1/Instr level with experience on the a/m vehicles, also someone who understands the rats-nest of wiring in a Chieftain turret, and possibly an armourer (We have M2HB .5 MG's and Mark 1 Brens, + other goodies). A BATSIM/Demolitions qualified job may also be available (Pref RE/ROAC/Pnr Pl NCO).

We are particularly keen to convert some of the vehicles to US powerplants, and we are prototyping one currently. You will be working under direction from ex-US military staff.

Deal currently as follows:

Free flight Gatwick/Dallas return (economy)
Free accommodation on-site/local (frugal yet acceptable - I use it too!)
Use of transport for local trips

On duty 6 days a week; 0800 to 1800. Some evenings. Day off is weekday. Environment is 100% civilian unless clients are on-site.

For every 4 weeks worked, you get a week off, plus
transport to/from anywhere in 500 mile radius of Sherman (N. Texas/S. Oklahoma), and an additional cash bonus of at leasdt $750

Pay level and bonus amount would be based on demonstrable experience and skills. This will not make you a millionaire, but provides the chance for you to have some fun, working on some interesting old vehicles in the US, and get paid for it, with the possibility for the right candidate(s) to be sponsored into full time US employment/green card.

Initial contract would be for 10 weeks (8 working, 2 off). You could go home with some money and a lot of new friends, or blow the lot in the fleshpots of Fort Worth and return to UK with nothing but happy, fuzzy memories.

Think of it as an American version of "Auf Wiedersehn, Pet" in OMD75-stained coveralls.

To be considered, send a brief outline of your pertinent skills and experience to:-


Sounds like BATUS Winter Repair programme

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