Paid to Give Up Fags

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by billc, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Plan to pay smokers weekly to quit
    Press Assoc. - Saturday, June 21 06:25 amSmokers in deprived communities in one of Scotland's major cities are to be offered £12.50 a week to quit, it has been announced.

    NHS Tayside hopes the £500,000 pilot scheme will help 900 people in Dundee stop smoking over the next two years.

    Participants in the new initiative will be offered £12.50 per week credited onto an electronic card which they can redeem in their local supermarket for fresh food and groceries, but not alcohol and cigarettes.

    They can take part in the programme for a maximum of 12 weeks.

    Those taking part will receive nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) through their local pharmacy, where they will have to do a weekly carbon monoxide breath test to prove they are still smoke-free.

    Participants will also receive social support from Dundee Healthy Living Initiative (DHLI) where they can access smoking cessation support, physical activities and other lifestyle advice and support.

    This new incentive scheme is a partnership between NHS Tayside, Dundee City Council and the Scottish Government and is launching in the autumn.

    It follows the success of the Give it up for Baby (GIUFB) initiative in Tayside, which encourages and supports pregnant smokers to give up cigarettes.

    Paul Ballard, Deputy Director of Public Health at NHS Tayside said: "Currently there are 36,000 smokers in Dundee, half of whom live in poverty. Although current smoking cessation services are working well, because of the complexities of poverty and health we know we need to do more to tackle this."

    If the scheme is a success it could be rolled out across Scotland.

    Feck me, what next.

    Being a smoker even I dont agree with this.
  2. If this is a success, do you think that we can be really socially responsible and pay young black kids in England to stop stabbing each other?
  3. They'll just shoot each other instead and still claim the money - damn legal loopholes!
  4. [​IMG]

    Biscuits - you are required to report for Social Reorientation. Please complete the questionnaire below and a cheque for £500,000.

  5. Good one Biscuits_AB!

    On the surface, this smoking thing sounds like a great idea, but then a part of me started wondering how the Scottish Parliament are going to finance yet another of their grand schemes - especially given that (a) it is costing £12.50/week,(b) they will also be loosing (at a guess) around £25/week in tax revenue for every smoker who quits and (c) it will cost a bomb to make sure people aren't cheating.

    Then I remembered that we're still a United Kingdom, so it's not just their flaming money, it's everyone's money. Looks to me like like yet another of their hair brained regional schemes, just like free prescriptions for all, subsidised higher education, drugs on demand, five star parliamentary buildings and untenable social care policies.

    I'll do my bit by smoking more to help counter the extra cost to the nation.
  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Except it doesn’t work like that.

    Scotland gets a block grant and decides on what schemes to spend it. Money runs out, no more is forthcoming. So it doesn’t cost you any extra whatsoever.

    Different spending priorities, that’s all. And as for regional schemes, I don’t recall being consulted on the proposed Crossrail link for instance. My taxes still pay for it though.
  7. 37,000 smokers all under the poverty line and all getting £12 odd a week for fresh food, if they give up the tabs? OK, it may work and it may be cheaper in the long run than to fork out the extensive medical bills which these people (irrespective of where they come from) accumulate through a voluntary act. They know that it will kill them but they crack on anyway. Many make no effeort to give up. Many of those in the target audience contribute bugger all to society, never have and never will, but they can shell out for a 40 a day habit.

    I couldn't care less how many of them die of cancer. They are responsible for their own actions. There are other cancers which people contract which are not caused through any fault of their own, yet hospitals have to go without and these people die, because there's not enough money to go round. Yet money is being spent on people who know that they are killing themsleves and continue with their habit regardless, often dismissing the very idea of giving up or at least trying to. They are on the poverty line if not below it. Perhaps if they started to take some responsibility for their lives, they may rise out of the mire, but it's too easy to sit in your own sh*te and let everybody else look after you.

    You smoke tabs, you damage your health. It does exactly what it says on the pack. It's your personal choice to smoke, so why the f*ck should the rest of us have to bail you out and feed your kids when, if you had an ounce of responsibility in your body, you'd spend what money you are given for sitting on your arrse, on food for your kids, instead of 40 Embassy and a f*cking scratch card.

    There has to come a time in a person's life when they take reponsibility for their own actions.

    Now.........over to you Sven.
  8. Proximo, that is funniest thing I have seen in long time !! I have to use those in future.
  9. Thanks old chap, but it was an attempt to add humour to an unamusing situation, as Biscuits_AB says:

    Fat chance!
  10. You religious fundamentalist types make me sick wanting to stone them all to death. You rationalist scientistic types make me sick. You accuse them of being sick and demand they be subject to the indignity of psychiatric 'cures'. Typical laissez-faire bullshit. You fecking capitalists really get up my nose. You think a person's sexuality is just one more commodity to be bought and sold in the market place. Take your misinformed and bigoted views elsewhere, you fecking nazi. Just fecking remember "All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned" and see how you fecking like it.

    :D :D :D
  11. I'm with you Harry!
  12. Fair points, Sixty, didn't know all that and I accept that you're far better informed than I.

    Smoking, like drinking, is certainly bad for your health and the fact that many people living on the margins of severe poverty would rather spend that money to fuel their habits than spend it on food has never ceased to amaze me. Natural selection through self neglect? Who cares?

    Over to Sven
  13. If people do not deserve treatment on the grounds of smoking being a voluntary action and they effectively chose to get cancer, where would you draw the line on this? If you go into any A&E department you will find that most people have come in not because of some ‘accident’ but as a result of their actions whether that be alcohol induced, drug induced, fighting, self harming, STDs or just being clumsy etc. – should they all be refused treatment because it’s their own fault?
  14. I've spent quite a bit of time in A & E.

    I have absolutely no interest in drawing lines as you put it. It's a pointless statement. The subject is about smoking and smokers. Let's stick with that one until some other council announces that it intends to give free money to people to stop them doing a voluntary act which destroys their health over a prolonged period of time, when they have already had millions of pounds spent on education and free 'preventitive medicines' in the form of patches, etc, to get them off their self induced habit.

    Just being clumsy? I think that would be classed as an accident.

    The point you miss in your 'selective' snippet, is this isn't 'treatment'. It's a cash incentive. 'Treatments' and 'cash incentives' aren't related in the remotest sense. They are being offered cash for food if they stop smoking. Just how hard do we need our hands holding?
  15. I think you will find that this is all about the provision of help to disadvantaged people and it is the height of arrogance for anyone here to suggest otherwise. All the Government is trying to do is ensure that the impoverished have enough money for food and this strategy will ensure that they have sufficient extra money to do so.


    This is a genuinely altruistic move.