Paid time off.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fatdave42, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. I was told on a corse last week that if you do over 110 days training in a year you are in titled to some paid time off.

    I have asked my CoC, but would be good to know and if there is a problem give them the dnn or what ever points them in the correct direction.

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  2. If you're on an ADC then you're entitled to leave, I will have a total of 206.25 days both ADC and normal MTDs and have accrued 6 days leave, what you need to be aware of is the afore said leave needs to be included in the total of MTDs taken, ie my 6 days leave are part of the 206.25.

    Your AO should be able to help you out.

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  3. 6 days off for over 41 weeks (assuming a 5 day week)?
  4. pardon me for asking but that sounds a bit low to me.

    The legal postion is 5.6 weeks per year, pro rata. If you work 5 days a week then you get 28 days a year ( 5.6*5=28 ) Most companies include the 8 days Banks Hols in that figure so the bare bones entitlement is 20 days

    If you work 200 days a year then you should be looking at 3 days a week=ish ( 5.6*3=16.6 ) Minus 8 BH = 8.6 days.........

    The law does not make any difference between ADC or MTD, all the law cares about is that you worked and were paid.
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  5. TA Regulations, Chapter 2, Part 5 makes interesting reading on the subject.

    Exceed 117 voluntary days (independent units) or 109 days (specialist units)(other than on ADC or FTRS) and you need HQ LAND authorisation. Up to 90 days can be authorised by your CO (plus you get the 27/19 days of training commitment).

    Presumably, you'd be entitled to leave if you exceed 117/109 days but if it hasn't been authorised by HQ LAND, not only is it likely that you won't get the leave but you'll also not get paid for the extra days.

    Watch out for the comment at the bottom of your payslip "Thanks very much for the C2 training - much appreciated."
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  6. I'm guessing it was not a spelling course?
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  7. a course for a corps ?
  8. I'm on about 170 days and haven't been given any info regarding leave. To be honest I wouldn't ask for it either, it's not really part of the deal. I have done so many days by choice, I didn't have to do them all.

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  9. I don't think the days off rule is solely for the monetary benefit of the individual, it's also to ensure employers give staff rest (duty of care). That may be negligible as you've only done a number of 9-5 days per week but then again you might have worked army 16+ hours per day for several months.

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  10. Alternatively, a real job ie one with a contract of employment will give you leave, entitlement to sick pay, employment protection and a pension.

    Not knocking anyone on MTDS or ADC, but for the MoD to employ anyone on effectively a full time basis, whilst not providing any of the basic provisions of 21C employment law is, frankly, immoral.
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