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Right guys i just found out i have been cut from TEN paid days a year leave to FIVE in my job. Has anyone else had this. does anyone know where i stand with this either?

'Territorial Army Duties/Volunteer Reserve Force
Five days paid leave each year will be provided if you are a member of the Territorial Army or Volunteer Reserve Force, to attend the annual training camp. You will be expected to use part of your annual leave entitlement, flex time (where it operates) and/or unpaid leave for any further activities.
If you are called up for active service, you will be given extended unpaid leave for the duration of your service.'



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Very few employers give 10 days paid leave - certainly, central and local government, and most other public sector employers, give 5 days. You are bloody lucky to have had 10 days so far!

If you need support to try and reclaim your lost 5 days, contact SaBRE - they are the ones with the spiel on this sort of thing.
oh dont get me wrong i know i was damn lucky to get the 10 but they didnt tell anyone they just changed it and i found out by accident.
I'm public sector and I get 15 days, only ever used 10 per year though.
Any paid leave from work is good as they don't need to pay anything, I have always found the problem is my boss seeing it as "additional holiday he does not get" I'm sure they can't change your T&C's without discussions.

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