Paid leave for TA.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ca8234, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Really unsure about this. Hence the question;

    I have completed minimum of 119.25 days training, so how much leave am i entitled to and how is it calculate?

  2. 10 days leave, not sure how it's calculated but that's the amount of days you're due.
  3. Don't you have a life?
  4. My psao told me that i am only entitled to one day paid leave?
  5. He's talking balls, unless you did Xnumber of your 119.25 days on an ADC contract.
  6. so if i completed more than that up to april this year should i have been entitled to this 10 days leave?

    I presume by 10 days leave i am just paid 10 days?

    How does this work? How do i get leave from a voluntary job?!
  7. Once you hit 117 days your entitled to 11 days paid leave.
  8. All my days were inside the UK, apart from an exercise in belize for 8 weeks.

    Would I be best to raise a pay enquiry with Glasgow pay office?
  9. Speak to Mongoose or Paywog on here I'm sure they will advise you.
  10. woo what about 72 MTDs?
  11. There is a formula for working it out, can't remember off the top of my head. I'll see if I can find it tomorrow if no-one else can help

    You sit at home monging around and fill in a paysheet, making sure its clearly marked for paid leave.

    72, no leave for you Bravo_Bravo (off the top of my head)

    Depends on what it is / how complex etc, you might just get told after 10 days to speak to your unit HR...
  12. Once over 117 days you can get 10 days paid leave, you must apply through your RAO to get it though. You just get the pay you don't get time off civvie job but you won't get to work at the TAC during the 10 working day's ie Mon-Fri for two weeks and the weekend in between.
  13. Mon-Fri = 5 days
    Weekend = 2days UNPAID
    Mon-Fri = 5 days

    Q. If the weekend is unpaid why can't you attend training and get paid.
  14. Because you are paid on a casual daily basis and army pay is based on working 5 days out of seven, so if you work your 5 days the other 2 are days off, but your casual labour and don't get paid.
  15. Borderer -

    How is "army pay is based on working 5 days out of seven" ??

    Is that written down somewhere. I would really like to know were for a case I'm working on...