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Hi all, can i firstly apologise if this site has already got a thread on this subject! i have searched and .. found lots of funny stuff but nothing related to my question.

I'm sure there is a wealth of knowledge on here so i crack on.

I would like to get the guys in my platoon on an (exercise) maybe the wrong word for it
where we take the unit bikes out and ride them from say 3 different military bases of 3 days.

the main purpose as a body of men would be to get out of the office. WHY NOT ???
however i'm sure there is a correct procedure .. correct forms to fill etc. now i have seen 2 other sites do this kind of exercise and got a lot of support and funding from there unit.

now i would love to do this treading on peoples feet and without making to many mistakes.

so question is:
1/ how do i go about sorting out such an event for example the above.
2/ is there a form i can justify and unit expenditure.
3/is there anything on our intranet that may offer any support for this.

reason i ask on here and not go through my own chain of command is i approached my boss a few months ago in reference to a similar question and got fucked off without any clarification. it was uncomfortable and made me uneasy, ive spoke with a few of the lads about it however we have a few biffs in the platoon so its not looking the most prosperous at the moment, but I'd rather be in the know than not know at all.

as i say any help is greatly appreciated.

Look for the JSATFA form. If you can get on DII, go on to the ATG(A) website (Adventurous Training Group (Army)) website, it's a good starter for 10. If you can't go to the Pl Comd, try your Pl 2IC, CSM - anyone. There's not enough AT, so anyone who wants to organise it should be encouraged.
Tell your OC that you want to raise some money for local charity/OCA. Get family and friends to donate a couple of quid, sell the notion on raising your units profile and also networking with other units in your area. Try and make some sort of inter unit competition out of it. Challenge the Ruperts/Sgts mess to put a team out, and not just to the bar!

There are loads of was to get your units support to do some adventure training just need to find the angle your OC is the most interested in.

You must also be prepared to do a little work outside normal timmings and let your OC take the cedit at the end!

Good luck.
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