Paid/Acting rank for 3 years about to be taken away??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Mikey7985, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. Anyone please help me with this.........................

    I have been and Acting/Paid Cpl since June 2009. I came off the LCpl-Cpl board in 2010 however regardless of the fact I had been wearing the rank for a year already I was not made substansive and did not complete CLM.
    In late 2011 I was told that there may not be a Cpl slot for me so I was offered postings elsewhere despite being on a MLSE (Local Service) engagement which I refused as all my family live locally, my wife has a job locally and we own a property here. In this last 3 years my wife and I have had 2 children and got a mortgage on a house. Now I am told that despite being paid as a Cpl for the last 3 years and currently being on level 3 Cpl pay (£26,654.76) I have to revert to LCpl and subsequently drop to level 9 LCpl pay (£22,317.36). This will cause a significant problem for us financially as we have a mortgage to pay, children to feed and clothe and as it stands we are only scraping by!! I would appreciate any advice or help you can give us. I have wondered if they can actually legally do this to me but really dont know who to ask.

  2. I have absolutely no useful advice re this.

    But let me get this straight. You own your own house, have 2 kids under 3 years old and your missus works locally - your family live locally - and may help provide free babysitting services?

    You may have a Cpls slot for you if you are prepared to move to a less cushy posting - which also means that you can get SFA, and then 'let' your house and be quids in, but will have to give up your cushy number and 'embrace the suck' like most squaddies and their families have had to do at some stage of their careers.

    Welcome to the Army...about time too, as it sounds like you have had a good few years of 'easy life' and now it's payback.

    Sorry for being a tw*t but you won't have been the first to be fecked over. Hopefully a combat HR ninja will be along soon to help dry your eyes.

    Why don't you just move into SFA and 'let' your house? ...that's got to make up for the shortfall of 4k?...or do you want your cake, be able to eat it and then go back for seconds?

  3. They can and they have. The rules regarding CLM are quite clear. You must have completed it within the promotion year for which the board has sat. There are exceptions, but these are usually due to Ops and I've never heard of anyone getting more than 18 months to complete.
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  4. You haven't got a leg to stand on legally.

    Firstly, it is a 'GRANT' of acting rank which can be removed at any point.

    Secondly, the CLM piece! Everybody in the military knows you have 12 months in which to complete after selection of promotion or you will be deselected.

    Finally, you have refused to serve (effectively) with regards to posting/moving! It is an Assignment 'Order,' not a 'request.' It grips my shit when people like you complain about the army taking money off you, but you want to stay where you want to be, not where the service requires it.

    How far was 'elsewhere'? Within 50 miles of your current location?

    You can't have cake and eat it!
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  5. I suppose thats it then...... Thanks guys.

  6. Move into SFA...Let your house.
  7. Poor drills by your unit, not getting you onto CLM. Have you continued to be recommended for promotion ( AFAIK you should be reported on as a LCpl until you are substantive). Have you requested ai interview with your Chain of Command / RCMO?
  8. We are in SFA and my folks are in our house (My good deed in their old age). I would have taken a posting if my Mrs could have found work where they wanted me to go but it just didnt make sense for me to take the posting to save my extra £300 a month and lose her £1200 a month!! It made better financial sense to revert!! Its just a bitter pill to swallow after 3 years of doing the job especially when I look around and see fools who are incompetent yet substansive Cpls and Sgts!!!! Rant over!!
  9. I think an interview is in order!!
  10. Incompetence spreads through all ranks. Many share your pain on that one.

    You sound as if you've resigned yourself to your lot, just be happy with it, after all you've financially justified it. Use the system to better yourself with education and courses.
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  11. Thanks Dingerr......Top man :)

  12. Ok, I see your point now - you didn't make that clear in your first post - your fault for not chasing re CLM, your units fault for not chasing you re CLM...but do have some sympathy for you.

    You need to get the old folks to find out about sheltered accom/etc with the LA near you.

    Incompetence people with a higher rank than you?...aint heard that before durch....and they would say that you're the incompetent one for not chasing re your CLM.

    See post No.7
  13. Thanks Nato I suppose I am partly to blame for not pushing for it more but every time I asked I was fobbed off and after 3 years I kinda expected to be automatically put on it at some point.

    I am just hacked off because now my kids will suffer side effects of not having as much cash in my pocket!!

    Maybe time to look at a career change!!

  14. No, don't do that.....there's always a way....even if it's Tescos blue stripe 'til you find the solution ;-)
  15. I dont want to be signing off but if I can get into the fire & rescue service wholetime I think I will be off!!

    It just seems to be dead mans shoes at the minute and I dont think I can stand to mark time for the next 5 years until a slot opens up!!

    Thanks for all your help tho I appreciate it