Pah! Local chavs can do better in the Tesco car park

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Blogg, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Blogg

    Blogg LE

  2. bovvy

    bovvy LE

    I was expecting the car to jump over the obstacles, not just go round them. :roll:
  3. Ozzymick

    Ozzymick Old-Salt

    Bloody show off, I want to have a go :)
  4. That was really brilliant. Fcuk celebrity skating on ice, dancing and poncing about in the jungle etc., stick 'em in Subarus and teach them to drive like that. That I would watch. Maybe.
  5. Wow. I never knew a Mitsubishi Evo could do that!

    Very good.
  6. It can't but the driver can. :roll:
  7. Looks like its been tricked out for drifting.

    Strange bunch the Yanks even when given a car thats renowned for its handling they have to play with it so it can't go around corners properly anymore!!

    And just for Bovvy its the same fella doing a small jump.
  8. Its one of those strange quirks of probability, that...................


    Hey, don't shoot the messenger!
  9. Subaru and Evo are Jap for c0ck transporter.
  10. Zzzz (adjustable brake bias valve ) as frenchie says tricked out, some of the local kids are doing it in the local Lidl carpark, but not with the same finnesse :)

  11. Biscuits_AB

    Biscuits_AB Guest

    Yeah, but 'they've been tricked out for drifting....'. And f*cking yawn.
  12. WAH
  13. iamalondoncrab

    iamalondoncrab War Hero

    I suddenly want to go out and buy a segway.
  14. Hey guess what i have a subrau wrx impreza so not only am i an utter wanker but i am a cock as well mmmmmm interesting
  15. Lewis

    Lewis LE

    He must of gone threw a few tyres!