Paging the Police

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PE4rocks, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. Just as soon as we get one report on sensible policing(cf the lad that used the attackers shotgun on his attackers), we get another bit of inane policing, this time from cyclopsland.

    Take a bow Strathclyde Police.

    I really don't understand the mentality behind rubbish policing like this. It reminds me of the woman who was prosecuted, somewhere down south, for taking a drink of water whilst stationary at some traffic lights.

    FFS dibble, get a grip.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    I believe that if you're on a carridgeway stuck in traffic you are considered 'in motion' therefore have to remain fully in control of your vehicle (even if stationary with the handbreak on and out of gear). For someone to try and enforce this is bizare, would they rather the drive was distracted further down the road when they had trouble breathing or a bogy which needed urgent attention?

    Fine probably valid, Copper a knob. makes you wonder why they've ticketed him, statistics or something similar?!

    Edit to add:

    Definiton of driving is when the engine in running, even if stopped at lights etc.

    Depending what he has been charged with, it is up to the person who has charged him to prove that his standards of driving have fallen below the standard that is expected. We'll have to wait and see what happens, I expect the CPS (can't remeber the Scottish equivilant) will drop it as they've no evidence against him.
  3. An easy nick. Jobs a good un. Slow day ? Statistics to improve ?

    Common sense is on the banned list these days. Especially if big brother is you're boss.
  4. Maybe he had 'ACAB' written in dirt on the back!
  5. Thats his version of events. I find it hard to believe that the bobby would get away with submitting a file to his Sergeant in order to report this gentleman for summons with the sub heading of:

    "Driver of Vehicle 1 Blows bogeys into tissue whilst static at Red ATS."

    I'd suggest waiting to see what actually happened as even the youngest snot nosed probationer wouldn't dare. ;)
  6. Which brings me to the question(no doubt asked before) what is the veiw of 'manual' gearchange hand off to change gear or one hand off to wipe nose..can you enlighten me..??..??
  7. It was in the press yesterday that the same plod charged a guy last year with littering. He had dropped a ten pound note by mistake. :police:
  8. 'tis the work of one PC Stuart Gray, a man aka “PC Shiny Buttons” and by all accounts a credit to the cause of innovative law enforcement.

    He is of course the same PC Stuart Gray who famously issued a £50 fixed penalty fine for littering to one Mr Stewart Smith, also Of Ayr, who had wantonly dropped a £10 note from his back pocket.

    You really could not make this sh1t up
  9. After the apple incident, wasn't there a flurry of cops getting jobbed by the punters in revenge? IIRC one OAP shopped a copper for eating a sausage roll in a cop car :)
  11. What a ©unt, bloke needs a proper good shoeing PC or not. No need for that sort of shiiit. I have colleagues in the filth and they even get fed up with this as it puts them in such a bad light... The filth get a level of discretion over the few years once trained so there was absolutely no reason for him to do it... What a ©unt
  12. Very true, the police "service" is now so politicised and concerned with statistics, they always go for the EASY conviction, hence the number of speed cameras everywhere! It also makes it easier if the ALLEGED offender is white, no fear of the race card being played then, (you is picking on me cos I is black/yellow/brown etc)!
    Policing can only be effective if it is with the consent of the people, this government & their politicised minions in the police "service" are so out of touch with the publics concerns on drugs & violent crimes, that they are alienating the average law abiding citizen by pursuing rubbish charges such as these!!
    No doubt the moronic plod concerned will receive praise for his vigilance and be fast tracked to higher ranks, where he can alienate even more people at the governments behest!!
    Having been in the Police, albeit the Colonial Police, many years ago, if such a nonsensical charge had been put before a superior, a few words of "wisdom" would have been uttered in the plods ear before sending a polite letter to the alleged offender something on the lines of "no prosecution but be more careful in future" :policeflat:
  13. It reminds me of the 'Not the Nine o'clock News' sketch with constable Savage arresting someone for loitering with cross a zebra crossing.
  14. There has got to be more behind this story, because if there isn't, then Constable Shiny Bollocks needs an interview without coffee with the Chief Supt. Surely there's plenty of other things going on in Strathclyde's AOR to keep even the most enthusiastic rozzer busy? I wonder if this'll make Gadget's blog?
  15. I believe if Strathclyde officers issue 12 tickets in a month they get a free toaster.