Paging PTP!

Hi team,

In now, and working on campaign.

Had a long chat with Martin Heffer at the weekend, and explained the situation to him , he is furious.

Who he you say?

Martin is one of Britain's foremost regional planners, a TA Officer and the brother of one Simon Heffer.

His considered opinion , admittedly over our 4th can of Stella, was that this was the worst kind of corrupt bollox. He wants to get involved, and wants to look at it closely, before involving himself and possibly his Brother.
I'll keep you up to speed on that.

I'm aiming for a press release broadcast to go out at 17.59 tonight, which should prevent hopefully, any news media 'scooping' via websites etc.

Two pronged attack this week, as much print , TV and Radio media as possible during the week , in support of the Ground Team's assault, with radio phone-in and other activity to take place on the morning of the public meeting.

I have had to re-evaluate my feeling on Chris Hunt. Having thought he was complicit in this, it now appears he knows where the bodies are buried , and is as frustrated as the rest of us.

On that point, if Dozy can gently contact him , and sound him out , we may get a better overview on what is really going on. Dozy, that conversation when it takes place, is NOT to appear on the public forum. We don't need to scare him off , or have cretins contacting him.

As regards a 'spokesperson'. My new unit is sufficiently politically and militarily sensitive, to preclude my name , or indeed my good self appearing. Which is just as well, as I had already thought any spokesperson from our side should present a 'gentle and sensitive yet firm' persona.

Yeah Moody, you're dicked for that job :D , Dozy is 2i/c Hearts and Minds.

That means Radio or TV interviews , and quotes in the press. If your employers are going to have a hernia on that score, I need to know ASAP.

Right, let's fight :D

Just thought an update on media interest to date might help:

Local Media:

Surrey Times Group: David Blackmore initially broke the story locally about three weeks ago. He ran one totally pro piece (which resulted in a small thermo nuclear explosion in Grays Lane) and followed it a week later with a piece that included comment from locals. I think he's pretty much on side but was taken back by the initial reaction to his story.

London and Surrey Guardian Group: ran the story toward the end of last week. Kevin Barnes is a contact at the Epsom Guardian

National Media:

Daily Mail: Daniel Bates (07709 107411) ran the story last Monday. They then ran a follow up piece on Thursday. Matthew Hickley is their Defence man.

Telegraph: included a short mention of the issue in amongst a wider iece on HC in last Thursday's paper.

Daily Mirror: Has shown interest but not run anything. Contact is Jake Morris (07270 43983)

Broadcast Media:

LBC: James O'Brian (020 7314 7300) is totally pro. Ran a long piece during his phone in show last Monday, culminating in him calling the residents b*st*rds. Then ran a follow up interview with SSAFA on Thursday. His assistant is Maxie Allen (07885 937108)

BBC Southern Counties: Katie Betts is the producer (07816 666200) Ran an interview with SSAFA on last Wednesday's breakfast show

Forces Media:

Glen Mansell ran an interview with SSAFA the week before last. Contact is Colin Livingstone on 01494 838572
BBC R4 'Today' reporter
Angus Strickley
07802 217 149

Currently knocking doors in Grays Lane, would love to interview Sue and a former patient of HC. I am trying to find a former patient who's willing to talk, but the only lad I know is still serving, so he's not too keen to talk (QRs)...

Have just made contact with Sue and she's going to call Angus.

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