Paging ACAB

Aaaaannnnnnd were off!
Remember folks... It's not Friday night til @ACAB says so.
This seems as good a place to ask as any .....

If a housing development is described as "friesian cow" does it mean what I think it does?
I need amusing ways in which to off a senile relative.

Answers on a postcard please.


Book Reviewer
I have never cum in copious amounts. Whilst this has made me "considerate" in the bedroom - I have had sleepless nights about it. The horror of watching a pornfilm I tell you - should I see my GP and see if there's anything she can do?
Can you start a thread when you're on rop's?

If @ACAB is inconvenienced by some naughty points, give me an hour or so for scran and I'll start one. Been seething about it for most of today.... :)
Strap them to a symbian on max power.
That's just made my stomach turn.

Impalement - yep.
Electrocution - ok.
Decapitation - outstanding.

Imagining a 87 year old on an automatic fücking machine - just no! :p
Well?!!! Is it Friday night yet?! ACAB's adrift. I've a bottle of toilet duck here that aint gonna neck itself you know!!

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