Pages slow to load?

Is anyone else having problems with Arrse pages loading slowly?

I’ve tried a few other websites and pages load quickly but Arrse pages are taking their time? :?

It may just be my machine, my ‘tinterweb or even me and it is Fri 13th after all? :D


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Mine is slow, and has been getting slower over the past week or so.

I put it down to the large number of people who think it's big, clever or funny to put several moving pictures in their sig blocks. I thought the slowness was due to searching for and loading them.

If I'm right, maybe the COs could consider a choice of switching them off?
I nearly had a mate come round to fix my computer... thats saved me a few beers!

Dont know if this happens to anyone else but when i log out of arrse my laptop freezes and doesnt respond and switched off twice when logging out yesterday. New laptop so should it be happening?
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