Page boy uniform

Any one know of any companies that hire out mini uniforms? the mrs is wanting number 1s for a 4 year old and the internet is suprisingly sparse on the subject . Failing that a reasonable tailor who could knock a set up from scratch would do.
Cheers in advance.
Golf_one_one said:
Hills Tailors


Nice bloke, ex master tailor
I used Mr Hill for my wedding in 07 for a page boy uniform. He puts your regt'l buttons on, your ribbons as well and badges of rank if you want them. I hired a mini set, a set for my best man, and had mine altered for £100.

Quality work.
Not a single thing... he's obviously still stinging over the ticket he got, and bringing it all up again in a thread about wedding clothes (ffs) and putting down the nasty little police boy makes him feel better.
Toadie want a cuddle?

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