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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by watertight, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Why oh why is he wearing stars?
  2. [​IMG]

    This what your talking about?
  3. You tell him!
  4. yep thats the one
  5. hmm is this a wah ???
  6. I understand the recognition of rank but it looks like he really wants that recognition. Fact is, he is a Lt Gen so the following and runners around him should make even the most complete d**khead see he needs a salute. NO NEED......DRESS REGS!
  7. If he's a Lt Gen, he's diffy a star.
  8. ooops, you are correct, I read the front page bottom first and not the front page top (he did look young, as a 2 star he still does). Should the front front page top not have have come first? Good obs, hasnt the 3* got a Prince Charles movement going on with the hand and wrist.
  9. OK the wah question was a bit off

    I took it that he is working in a multi-national unit where the star sytem is recognised,
  10. He is probably tired of spams using their new found English skills ie: Hello Mate! what does that badge mean ? and can I swap it for my rifle ?
  11. ^ PMSL floppyjocky, nice one!

  12. That's Maj Gen John Cooper isn't it or am I going blind in my old age?

    Easier rank recognition for Yanks? :?
  13. Yes its him. A Maj Gen. Appropriately enough, wearing 2 stars on his collar, in addition to his British rank slide. Hardly the first time a British General Officer has worn US rank in this way while serving in a US-led formation.

    Link to the SOLDIER story is HERE.

    Well done that man...Carry On.
  15. And at McDonalds, I was served by a 5 star spotty yesterday... 8O