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Gents, bit of a random one.

I'm away on holiday and have been sent a bit of a cryptic message pertaining to whats on page 4 of the Sun today - can anyone help me out with what's on there?? I've tried to get it online but whilst the article may be on there it isn't presented in the same format/order as on paper. Where I am doesn't have ready access to that fine bastion of journalistic integrity...

Thanks in advance
Can you not just ask them to send you a link?
Nope. It's easier to bug others on ARRSE to run around like gofers on his behalf than admit to a mate that he doesn't understand the original message.

Pride before common sense.

Just tell your mate you're on holiday and don't have a clue what (s)he's on about. Simples!
Never get past page 3 myself!
It might be the reward for the killer of the WWII vet
It's probably about that fat munter who pissed on a War Memorial.....
Perhaps the chick on page 3 has got such big tits they had to utilise page 4 as well to show them in all their resplendent glory.
If that's not the case then it's something they should consider.


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Roger! Thanks all, especially the guys who obviously didn't get past page 3! Good men! Have discovered what it was though, all part of a vaguely waltish wind up.

For those who are interested, it was about the apparent immenent disbandment of 23 Sas.

When all you want is to know what the story is on a paper when your mate's being a ******, happiness is a cigar named hamlet. That line might be due to free cocktails...!


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I have to say i'd have preferred the big tits theory too. Although there are plenty outside!


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Why the f*ck was this crap in Current Affairs BBear?
Apologies Good CO. I usually tend to stick around the Inf board and as such am thick as mince. Probably free cocktails and not wanting to get pissed around with a mates cryptic shite, sorry.

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