Pagans in the Forces

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ramblin_rover, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Posted here as I am being serious on this. I know the US army has recognised Wicca, has the British Army? I was wondering as I am pretty much in the pagan camp on matters religious.
  2. im serious too does it include jedi?

    iv got my own lightsaber, (toys r us £13 well spent) and have the firm belief i can influence the badge with my jedi mind tricks.

  3. that's called being an NCO isn't it?
  4. I am jedi and proud!!

    Edited because I cant spell
  5. and im just a lowly siggy the force is strong with this one!

    sorry to pegan dude for going off thread.... anyone help him? iv heard roumers about jedi just wanted to get it on my dogtags for tour!

    its a giggle isnt it
  6. IIRC some 25 000 wrote in as jedi on the last census, but it was refused recognition.
  7. The Army is an equal opportunities employer blah, blah, blah etc.

    Your lucky enough to come from a country where you have freedom of religion, and i would think paganism is the oldest religion this fair land has known. As long as the religion is recognised, your free to be a member of it - you might raise some eyebrows but it not for anyone to question or doubt your beliefs.

    Just a point to note, dont expect any time off apart from sunday during training because tuesdays is chant at the stones day, facing the paps of Jura or somesuch, it wont wash (then again, neither do most pagans). There i go, stereotyping a religion, Jesus save us (sorry).

  8. We have many Odinists here on this very site.
  9. You can join my Odinist Hearth. Together we will drink mead with the Old Gods.
  10. Yo! Lets hear it Brother!
  11. I thought that your were a Mason?
  12. I seam to remember reading a few years back that Satanists had been accepted into the Navy.
    I wouldn’t think your religion would have any bearing on your career so long as you don’t do anything bizarre like worshiping the full moon, naked in the middle of the drill square.
  13. Ahh, the satanist. That was last October and the cnut is an attention seeking twat. Trust me on this one!
  14. And a few Onanists as well I think
  15. I'm thinking of converting from RC to Humanism.....

    Religion is a load of boll0x though. Just look at most of the sh1tholes around the world and the main cause is usually because of religion.