Pagans fail to see the joke

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by barbs, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Times Online - 17 Jul 07


  2. All the needs to do is throw the doughnut to catch on the obvious.

    All hail the religion of the Simpsons.
  3. "Rain Magic"???

    OK all you people of Hull, Sheffield and Toll Bar. Sue the arrse off the pagans - the flooding is all their fault!

    Rain Magic my arrse!

    Cool picture though isn't it?

    (Is that a raincloud over my house.....?)
  4. Looks to me like homer is about to play a game of hoopla. :donut:

    A thought occurred to me...........

    Pagans are a religious group right? that are offended that one of their symbols is being ridiculed/devalued, but they are not out on the street burning flags and driving their jeeps into airports are they? :plotting:

    Do you think a certain religious community might take note on how to complain in a civilised way? :plotting:

    I wont hold my breath. :roll:
  5. Doing low level flying in a Herc and contour flying before para onto Exmoor I saw a woman jumping up and down on the giant's bellend. I don't know who was the most surprised her or us but I wish I had had my camera ready at that short moment, I could have retired on that brill piccy from about 150ft. :D
  6. Humourless scrotes. I hate the way that pagans are appropriating archaeology that is frankly non-denominational, i.e. Stonehenge, Wilmington, Cerne Abbas et al.

    Dressing up as Getafix and calling yourself Pendragon is fine in your Baratt semi in Basingstoke but twisting our history to fit a pagan agenda is a load of nonsense.

    Homer is fine. He'll wash away shortly (with or without a 'pagan' rain dance) and plenty of people will have googled the real giant to learn a bit more about where it is believed that he comes from. That's a great bit of publicity for our archaeology that doesn't need to have pagan lies bolted to it.

    Homer and other such mischief is fine if it is temporary and harmless IMHO. Better this than making silly crop circles.

    V_M (archaeology grad and self-appointed expert on hill figures)
  7. bring on the roman legion walts put them all to the sword
  8. LMAO! I love it! :D

    Far as pagans go... is the UK full of the same non history reading Wiccans who claim their decended from the druids? Damned fools are too ignorant to understand just how efficient the Romans were when they burned the sacred groves and neutralized the druidic priests. Furthermore... these modern day pagans haven't got a clue just how brutal their avowed denominations were.

    Ran into one jackass who claimed to be a servent of Odin... asked him if he performed the Blood Eagle ceremony and he said yes! So I took out my cell phone and told him I was calling the police to report his murderous ways... which made him panic a bit and ask what ceremony I was refering to. When I described the process... how a victim (usually a chieftan of a rival tribe or the senior brother of a monastery) had their chest cracked open and their still breathing lungs spread out to resemble the wings of an eagle, he blanched and looked disturbed. Apparently little details like that weren't mentioned in his official handbook. :roll:

    p.s. No... I'm not sorry if this offends any who perscribe to fictional religions. Do some fricking research before dedicating your life to something.
  9. Fictional reigions? What do you call a factual religion? All of them are based on the writings of people who had no actual proof of the magical powers they talked about and as for the Romans , didn't they have a god for every conceivable occasion. Theses were pretty much the same as the Greek gods (Which women take me for). Remember that the other word used to describe religions is faiths,

    Faith is believing what you know ain't so. --Mark Twain,
  10. What the feck has Odin got to do with Druids? Norse God? Celtic religion? ... He was obviously a bigger numpty than you thought!
  11. True... but in the case of mainstream theologies, one has an unbroken tradition dating back a couple thousand years. The various pagan ones are recent resurrections based on what modern people think or believe they were like rather than any factual basis or continuous presence. Saying your a druid, wearing a crystal around your kneck, and describing auras is about as true to the original as a tofu burger is to one made of beef.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I thought the pagans showed a great sense of humour. They said they were going to do a rain dance to wash it away.

    At least they weren't burning effigies of homer and calling for fatwas!
  13. MMMMMMMMMMM, tofu ! :p
  14. You have a point Biped... no matter the origin of their system, pagans tend to be rather non violent... at least around here they are.

    FrankIG, was wondering if anyone was going to catch that... ;)
  15. Wasn't Druidism as currently practised dreamed up by a laudanum-addled Welsh conman in the 19th c?

    I always thought anyone wanting to get a handle on Celtic paganism ought to just go to a Catholic church in the West of Ireland...