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Paganism in the Forces

:highfive: :wave:

Yep, it's time to come out of the closet and declare myself - I'm amongst f(r)iends!

I have never been into coven worship but would be interested to hear from any neo-pagans, Wiccans, Ogham etc who feel inclined to share.

Anyone in Pagan Fed UK?
There was a fella in our intake at Harrogate (79C) who proclaimed himself as a satanist. He worn only black in civvys, had to stand outside the church on a Sunday and eventually got chucked out because he skipped a room inspection to go and watch The Exorcist.

I shi1t ye not.
Ancient_Mariner said:
Hey Regalia,

Are you the Royal Navy's token, celebrity pagan who featured in the papers a couple of years ago?

I know the guy quite well actually. He's not a bad chap-just misguided. Jesus forgives you my son! ;)

(He'll probably read this at some stage anyway-the horrible little porridge wog :D )
Baseplate said:
Fugly said:
theoriginalphantom said:
Baseplate said:
Please come visist sometime - I live at No 666.
thats odd, cos I'm at 667 - the neighbour of the beast.
Surely you would be "The bloke across the road from the beast"?
Nope-that's where 4 horseman live. They're OK, I s'pose-though it gets a bit cluttered when Pestilence goes off on one.
our houses (being in a close) are numbered consecutively down one side then back up the other way. Odin lives the other side and those bloody ravens of his make some noise, you should see how much mess his eight legged horse makes.

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