Pagan prisoners given day off

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SpottyDog, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Fair and sensible. This country was pagan way before it was christian.
  2. Agreed!

    Though the article did surprise me by saying pagans such as devil and satan worshippers. Pagans don't believe in god and therefore cannot believe in Satan or the devil.

    Also still seems a bit unfair to me because pagan prisoners (still astounds me how a prisoner could be pagan as most criminal acts go against their beliefs) have to choose 2 holidays out of their religious calendar to have as days off whereas all the other religions got allof their ie muslims get 26 days off.

  3. Not only was it Pagan before it was Christianised (is that a word?) there are plenty of web sites you can visit that will tell you all about Christianity taking over Pagan rituals and sites to absorb the Pagans into their congregation. One of the earliest conspiracy theorys......
  4. Remember the phrase burn the witch....................
  5. christmas tree is pagan too btw.

    this article seems to suggest that a pagan is somebody belonging to a sect (other than christianity for example, heh)

    a very oldfashioned view...
  6. In that case, how can anyone with strong religious beliefs be in prison, our Christian bretheren shouldn't be commiting any crimes either (don't they have a couple of books telling them how to live? and those pesky 10 commandments.) I don't have much knowledge of other mainstream religions, but I'm pretty sure they all have something similar to 'thou shalt not kill/steal/covet thy neighbours gimp/or read a list of names within a mile of Downing street.'
  7. but you could say that somebody who chooses a religion, such as paganism, which isn't mainstream in any respect, takes his religion more seriously than somebody who's christian because he's told he's a christian/was raised in a christian society
  8. That's quite an assumption, especially as, for a start, you're assuming they weren't raised to be pagans.
  9. Seems wrong that the pagans get to choose 2 of 8 religious days off when the muslims get 26 days off. Surely the pagans should get all 8.

    Or alternatively, give none of them anything, they are not in prison to enjoy themselves.
  10. .... if any of them from any religion were serious about their religion (other than crimes commited using religion as a pretext/excuse) then they wouldn't do the crime. regardless of choosing a religion or simply have been indoctrinated from birth (sorry having grown up in that environment)

    You appear to make the assumption that they chose to be Pagan and have converted from another religion.
    While its true that there are many 'Pagans' out there who consider themselves witches and such like as they've watched Charmed/Sabrina/Buffy/Angel etc, there are many more who have been brought up into a Pagan household. Paganism is seeing a revivial, it isn't something thats been completely forgotten, its always been around in one form or another. I
  11. the assumption is based upon the fact that britain is traditionaly a christian society (the muslims are still a tiny, if vocal, minority)

    so i think you'll find that a higher percentage of christians will've adopted what they were told to be, rather than find their own thing.

    but whatever, they probably didn't stick to their belief when they committed their crime, whatever it was. which makes this a completely pointless and hypothetical conversation. blergh
  12. Which is my way of thinking. Why have prisons gone "all pink and fluffy" and allow prisoners such liberties. Aren't they there to learn a lesson and become reformed characters?

    The article does seem to be confusing nature loving druidy Pagan types with black Mass celebrating virgin desecrater Satanist types. Just make the lot of them work 365 days a year, prison officers have to.
  13. Prison officers don't get a single day off? they all work all year?
  14. Yes, they make them work all year without a single day off.

    And don't reply with 'Wah', its just too predictable.

    Seriously though, what happened to making criminals feel sorry?