Paedos in the Irish Roman Catholic church

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wonk_Mog, May 20, 2009.

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    Well done to the British Army, and anyone else who resisted a potential slide for the Ulster people governed by ths crowd. Adds a new dimmension to NO SURRENDER. I remember hearing about this during the 70s growing up over there and I even met many of those who had been victims of it.

  2. No doubt many of them die hard republicans.. no wonder Adams always has that pained look on his face!
  3. You got it in one. Every last sicko individual.
  4. This report has been badly needed for decades in Ireland - and it's taken the Irish state to come out from beneath its habit and mindset of being utterly deferential to the Church, and become more secular for it [this report] to get any where near being allowed to see the light of day.

    It'll never mend the hurt and abuse which has been done by those responsible, but at least it sets a precedent which means that the types of abusers who did this will no longer be able to hide behind the cassocks and cotters of the Church.

    All we have to do now is wait for the opposing camps to finish arguing about how those responsible should be dealt with - although I sense a scene from a Hammer Horror film coming on, where the villagers storm Frankenstein's castle and torch the place...
  5. I am sure that James Shortt as former monk, fraudster & priest never knew about kiddie fiddling in the Roman Catholic Faith
  6. How did the Christian brothers manage this?
  7. Heaven forbid that the judiciary weren't up to their necks in this. What is it with political, legal and religious establishments?
  8. Possibly it wasn't their necks they were up to.
  9. Yes Wonk Mog - the people of Northern Ireland have warned of this for years - and been called bigots for speaking out.
    The dominance of such paedophiles, male and female, over a helpless minority was a very good reason (among many), to avoid becoming part of the society which permitted it.
  10. Human beings are animals. Animals have instincts/urges. The Catholic church, by denying their priest the chance to marry and have normal relationships have bought this upon themselves.Proof, if any were needed that Darwin was right and religion is a croc of sh1t. It's been going on for centuries in the Catholic church, the cover up has been going on for nearly as long.
  11. Yes the entire problems between NI and the Republic can be boiled down to paedo priests.....yes thats it. 8O
    the murdering by both sides, discrimination ect ect can be conviniently swept away by a simple's Father Mctouchy's fault.....
  12. Blackmail - just like in Westminster!
    And by the way some of our MP's are probably hoping this takes some of the heat off them.
  13. There are plenty of priests who are not choir boy bottom touchers, just as there are happily married men who rape kids. Nothing to do with relationship status, Just dirty pervs looking for an excuse.

  14. Hey, I'm not trying to defend them and I agree with your post.
    But Catholic priests are sworn to celibacy, which must put a strain on what are often young men. Faith might be able to move mountains, but it doesn't stop a bloke waking up with a hardon!
  15. That is the correct answer.