Paedophile Brit 'Had Dungeon' Under US Home

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Madjock72, May 7, 2013.

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  1. Not sure if its in the news each day about things like this but it about time they brought back capital punishment for cases like this and chemical castration.
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  2. Yawn.

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  3. Mega! Another "I'd rivet their testicles to the 0815 to Paddington and dance the macarena while they got dragged to their death" thread.
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  4. HHmmmnnn, who's missing from the site tonight?
  5. Would they be chemically castrated before or after execution ?
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  6. Eli Wallach When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.jpg

    When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk
  7. Why would you leave Worcester in England and then move to Worcester in New England - the mad bastard, did he think it was same but better?!
  8. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Nothing wrong with dungeons. Why, I took this in mine only last week.

    We don't kill children in it though. DSC_0095.jpg
  9. It hardly matters, if they're castrated at the neck using a Deltic.
  10. Still look on the bright side hes got 27yrs inside so he'll be getting all the human meat with protein dressing he can handle then back to blighty for some lovely benefits and a nice council house.
  11. Come on Charm, that's not what he said: and you fully know it.

    He said that it's about time they brought back CapPun for these sorts of crimes AND for the crime of chemical castration. I think we should be told who and how many crims are practising the habit of ChemCastr. Is there a link between the activities of these ChemCastrists and the paedophiles?

  12. This at least goes a small way to explaining why the Yanks always cast the English as baddies in their films. We're not exactly doing much to eradicate the stereotype are we? (Well, apart from Hugh Grant that is, but he's a ****.)
  13. Actually the guy is not getting a lot of press here in Massachusetts and no one seems to be picketing the courthouse chanting "Brits Out" in Boston. From what I can see he is getting more coverage in the UK press. Over here we seem to understand there are sick bastards everywhere. You chaps will get him back eventually if he survives 27 years in prison. He may be lucky as he is apparently going to a Federal prison which tend to get a better class of criminal. He will serve at least 18 years in prison up to 27 years possible. In our state prisons kiddy fiddlers tend to have survival problems. A priest who went away a few years ago was murdered in prison,

    Two young men who kidnapped, murdered and raped * a 10 year old near my office are in the state prison for seually dangerous persons (rapists, serial rape murderers, canibals etc) and they have been injured/burned a number of times

    *(I did not mess up the order, that is the order of what they did to the poor kid. Nice kid, I know the dad)
  14. Dave, Whats the difference between the jails you have county,state&federal am I correct?