Paedophile Abuse Raids

Discussion in 'REME' started by baldricksdad, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. Who's suddenly offline? Not me then!
  2. Get everyone fell in on the square behind the outrage bus.....
  3. " and a scout leader"

    Well there's a ******* surprise!
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  4. Is there a reason why this was posted under REME? Is there something we should know?
  5. Is it because some poor kids have been getting REME'd?
  6. I don't see walt of the walts commenting, maybe he is the missing link (now in the clink)!
  7. Has some poor scout's woggle been ECI'd perhaps?
  8. Says a pathologist was lifted guess he wasnt thinking inside the box then.
  9. I've got a lollipop for you. Here just watch this Eurovision clip while I get the lube.
  10. Salty.
  11. I'll not say a word...
  12. [h=1]"Dozens arrested in paedophile abuse raids"[/h] It's high time the authorities acted on this. Some of these poor paedophiles have been abused for years.
  13. I posted it in REME because funilly enough I am REME, I cannot confirm nor deny any of those lifted are REME.....however the Armourers Shops in most LADs are empty today!

    The NAAFI has run out of lollipos and pic n mix isnt something you would mention just incase someone passes around a youngster!
  14. So your saying that some people have been taking their work home with them....fiddling with little knobs.