Paedo Gen?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by contact_wait_out, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. This the same one as in the RAMC related thread? Vigilantes often tend to be as much of a menace as the people they chase.

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  2. Sounds like Timmy has a new site!
  3. That was exactly my thoughts when I saw the other thread too. Smells rather familiar.

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  4. Just looked in RAMC forum and can't find the thread, link please?

    Im not having hes a squaddie.
  5. So is there any update on this?

    Stinson said it was confirmed on his arrest he was a confirmed soldier.

    Either way I am not happy with his labeling on his facebook page, seems to tar the Armed Forces.

    So can anyone shed some light on the "gen"?
  6. Does it matter that much to you? Or do you think it'd be better to wait for a conviction in the courts, rather than trial by media?
  7. I saw this a few months ago after it was posted here, I think video was removed for some reason and then re-posted.

    I'm not convinced the bloke is a soldier, with the exception of FTRS how likely is it that you're going to find a 48 year old Sgt in the regular Army?

    I'd find it more likely that he's either someone who likes to play dress up, is TA or an AI.

    Also would the RMPs get involved in what is obviously a matter for the real Police, and would the Army then confirm the blokes status as a soldier to some chopper from Facebook without the story hitting the mainstream media?
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  9. Timmy DOES have a copy cat site for outing paedos ( or anyone else who crosses him ) . He calls himself " Daemon Hunter , Public Against Paedos" and he does encourage his apostles to carry out assaults from his Italian safe haven. he claims to be a network / organisation of investigators when all he really does is copy and paste Stinson Hunters videos and make up stuff about people he does not like . I fell out with him and he published my name and address , photos of me and my house , charming man .
  10. There has been posts on Timmys website on Facebook asking for bods to give a hand outing a pedo still his site and him took a beating last week after they crossed the line with accusing someone of walting it. Anyone questioning his service pcoy etc was banned from the group.

    Still have found out from other sources hes in the Peterbrough area and well known to the fuzz for being a cock.
  11. Surely thats grounds for getting the Police round to him?
  12. Yes . I have been in there a few times under various aliases questioning him , banned and deleted straight away as is anyone who questions him , you then get posted up as a paedo supporter . Twat of the highest order .
  13. Police won't act until something actually happens , in other words " call us when your door is actually being kicked in " . Timmy is also clever with his wording , he will say " while I cannot condone violence , if something does happen to a paedo then it is well deserved and if they resist when you are confronting them then you may have to use force to restrain them...wink wink ".