Pads - Tighter than an Italian waiters trousers.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Mar 16, 2004.

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  1. Having been a pad, albeit a civvy one, for the last six years, I am still waiting for certain aspects of pad behaviour to emerge.

    For some reason, i'm still not getting the urge to steal toilet rolls from work or ask my workmates if I can take their unfinished packed lunches home for my kids to eat.

    Are pads still proper tightwads? During my time, they were absolutely unshameable, and would prof completely useless items, using the catch all phrase "Me kids'll love them."

    I would be interested to hear any anecdotal evidence that the beanstealing pad is not extinct. Even better would be anyone that has continued this behaviour pattern even after his military service is over.
  2. whats a "Pad"?

    Then maybe i can comment.
  3. Yup! It must be true. Even after mumble-mumble years, I'll still prof anything. They used to call me Hydraulic Jack due to my lifting powers! :wink:
  4. Bloody miserly pads.

    They used to rob the boiled sweets and stale choccy from rat packs, take home the duty crew lumpy boxes and you could gaurantee that if a pad was on duty the Coffee saches etc would go missing from the crew room.

    I once witnessed a stinking pad take the Gaurds night ration box home then deny having it.... slag!
  5. And your point is, MDN? :D
  6. That Pads should be fed through great big steam powered mincing machine
  7. Please enlighten this Spam.....

    After reading all this, I take it Pads are Irishmen?
  8. No they are married squaddies living in quarters, mostly :lol:
  9. You had to take your hat off to them sometimes.

    Some of them were capable of Olympic standard tightwadism.

    I remember one who went on adventure training with us in Plymouth in '88. A whole week of getting blootered and beaten up by the shore patrol. Most of the lads spent the equivalent of the Ivory Coasts GDP on beer and pizzas.

    On the coach on the way home, this pad was crowing at the back that he had only spent £1.75 in the whole week. He was well chuffed. Taking into account that he raped all the buckshee deathpacks before he got off the boneshaker, he was probably in profit by the time he got in his front door, and flogged all the Panda cola to his kids.

    The same guy used to bring a single fcuking teabag into work. When the Sally bash wagon turned up round the back at half 9, he used to ask the old duffer behind the counter for a spare cup and a bit of hot water. As the queue of nonplussed blokes behind shook their heads in disbelief, he'd walk off smiling, as if he'd just broke the bank at Monte Carlo.
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  10. Having seen mention of bean stealers in the latest Sodexho thread, thought would Holy Thread Resurrection and see if pads are still up to their tricks
  11. yeah, pads in Germany in the 1960s were always broke so it seems. They were always scrounging subs from the singlies living in barracks. Card schools in barracks were normally run by pads, and many of them lsot their weeks wages and some even had no money to give to their wives and kids for food, hence borrowing from the single lads.
  12. We had a pad in our platoon who was always poncing cigarettes. If he spotted you putting your hand in your pocket and it looked like you were getting your cigarettes out, he would appear at your side asking for a smoke. If you were in a group and someone in the group passed the cigarettes around, he could be a hundred yards away but he would make it into the ranks of the group before the packet disappeared back in someones pocket.

    I recall a mate and myself one day in the lines spotting him walking through the door from a NAAFI break and we asked him for a smoke expecting the usual "sorry lad's, I haven't got any" only to find to our surprise and delight that he did actually put his hand in his packet and pull out a packet of cigarettes.

    Our delight turned to disgust as he walked away leaving us holding a woodbine each. Probably the cheapest most tiny cigarettes without a filter on them. I'd sooner smoke a rollup. Certainly a lot more taste than a poxy woodbine.
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  13. Offendi

    Offendi On ROPs

    Was he an Islamist?
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  14. Do you know I thought this thread would be about a bizarre form of sexual gratification involving used menstrual objects.

    Consider me dischuffed. :-(
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