Pads & Single Soldiers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pierced4pleasure, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. I recall that there was always a big divide between the pads and the single lads living in. But differences aside, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the pads who brought their wives to BAOR so that we single men had someone to shag while you were away on exercise or in Northern Ireland. That really was team thinking and buddy-buddy minded. Well done!
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  2. The problem with pad shagging, is that 90% of them are fat munters.
  3. .....and your point is? :?
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  4. Pads were always giving it the big un about having their own place, was always fun though when one of them was wrapped up in an issue doss bag on the deck of a spare pitspace, they were generally weeping and necking bottles of Becks out of the room fridge. The previous statement is true though, some of you were hanging out the back of the largest collective of fat, badly dressed sweat machines ever known.
  5. Over stretched Ron Hills,white stilletoes,fake gold hoop earings,packs of 10 No6 fags,Bulmers cider,and the faint aroma of sweat.........
  6. You shouldn't have married it then...
  7. Not me fella. Single is the way ahead! I just put it about to the pads wives who weren't getting enough cock from their husbands.

    I'm not sure you can marry a %........
  8. Ahh.

    You're one of the ardent singlies who 'will never get married'... but everynight you gaze at your hot and cold running urinal and weep, because you know the only woman to love you is your mum?
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  9. Ah but you singlies will eventually be a pad....and you know what to expect when you're the one on exercise now don't you :D
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  10. This thread made me smile. I was just reading some Rudyard Kipling stuff about soldiers hanging round the married quarters in Victorian times! It's one of the things that'll probably never change.
  11. I doubt you could raise a smile, let a lone a hard on!
    Have you ever had sex without paying a rent boy for it?
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    IIRC it was the other way round you could hardly move in the block for wives
    I remember one wife knocking on my window and climbing in "just to see what I was up to"
    That way you can shag in comfort near your own gear
    Some of the quarter interiors looked like they been caught in an Argos IED
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  13. Agreed, sounds to me that Kirkz's lass was no stranger to a young toms balls unloading onto her twitching fat stomach with a strangled cry...
  14. Some of their wives had terrible dress sense too!!
  15. Moody are you dropping hints about what u get up2 when the hubby's away ? :excited: :excited: