Pads in/around Paderborn

Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on quarters in or around paderborn, detmold area. Which is the better chance of a house rather than a flat and the sort of state of repair/disrepair.

Once again, cheers for any info.
If you (or OH) are willing to commute up to 40 mins each way then Detmold will get you a house.

In Paderborn it depends on rank, Sgt and above will get you a house, even with no kids.

You may get a house as a junior rank, but its a lottery.

It can also vary by capbadge, there were certain capbadge pte soldiers with no kids or dogs getting 2-3 bed houses, my next door neighbour (in flats) was a Sgt with 2 kids and a dog.
My experince (currently sitting in my house in Paderborn) is that you get whatevers available - Yes l am a SNCO with no kids and got a 2 bed house, but a lot of JNCOs' again with no children also live on the same street. (Of which l have absolutely no problem with, before someone starts whinging!)

If a house is available and you have bid, then rank should nowadays have nothing to with it. Obviousley, if Mr & Mrs Miggins are a young couple with no kids and pets, they may also get a flat. You place your bid, you ride your luck!

That said, Paderborn is a great area, both houses and flats are nice and l am told that Sennelager isnt too shabby either. I have not seen or am aware of any bad housing areas in the style of the slums of old at Aldershot or Tidworth, so l wouldnt worry.
Cheers guys,

I'm a lowly LCpl of the beloved RE with 1x sprog and 1xdog (not to mention a 0A), so fingers crossed a house in Padders, not sure if I fancy the Detmold commute. However I might have to look into sennelager.
When I was posted in Paders, Detmold frequently got snowed in, during winter and was a pain to commute from. My quarter, ORs, was just off the Sud-Ring, a 2 bed house, big enough for my family and only 5 mins drive from Barker.
Put on your preference of posting that you and OA do not own a car, and need a quarter in PB. That 'should' see you right, albeit possibly the quarters next to camp, but hey it's a house and you wont have a 45min + drive from / to Detmold each day. Any dramas pm me and l will help you out best l can, fellow RE.
Cheers MAD_FERRET and bluntslane.

I think some creative writing is in order on these forms when I fill them in. Got a while yet, as not posted until middle of Feb next year.
hi we are in sennelager and i would say the houses are fine the flats arent to bad. if you do not want a flat you will have to decide on the area you want if it is padderborn get someone to tell you the street names of the street that have no flats on them. but i must tell you it is pot luck, maybe add a few rabbits on to the paper work? (every little helps!)one word off warning the quarters arent always as clean as they are in the uk so please dont except a dirty quarter and dont put up with the bull shit that they tell you that if you dont take it you will get a flat you are giving that house /flat and unless the roof falls in it its yours and they will just have to get the cleaners back in! hope this helps also if you are bringing a dog make sure pet insurance is ok for a bfg as you will need this to reg your dog (or if you have kit you might be insured third party for dog and kid just a heads up as we have had problems)
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