Pads For Webbing Straps

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by therealbigdizzle, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi All, Long Time No Post

    Just wondered if anybody knows if any of these 'kit tailoring' companies do anything along the lines of a more comfortable foam pad to go over webbing straps? Just to put something a bit more comfortable in between my shoulders and the straps themselves.

    These isn't for military application but it will still need to be rugged. My rigging harness has bare nylon straps, which whilst secure can get a bit achey over the long day. It's modern day equivalent has padded straps which everybody rates, but I'd rather not shell out £225 on a replacement harness for that minor thing. It will be dragged around hot / cold / wet / dry / dusty / whatever places on a regular basis and be taken on and off quickly, so something designed for the military webbing market would be ideal. If it can be black, that's ideal but I can live with DPM or olive or whatever, I'm not fussy.

    Look forward to responses, cheers up front.
  2. Have you tried manning up
  3. Yep tried that and decided any fool can be uncomfortable.
  4. what kind of webbing staps are they ?
  5. like this but without the pads:

  6. Jay-Jays in Brecon. The kit is good, stitching has a life time guarantee, and I'm sure they'll do you something in black. They've got a website, along the lines of I'd google it though.
  7. Genuine Jayjays Ltd JayJays Miscellaneous

    3rd one down, good shout good shout. And £12 is very reasonable.
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    cut up a black rollmat, bit of hot glue / duct tape to keep it in place?
  9. Jay Jays hasn't let me down yet, I've got no shame in recommending them as often as possible! The guys that do the tailoring are really helpful too!
  10. can't duck tape / glue anything to the straps as I need to be able to inspect them properly.

    unlike webbing, a rigging harness holds your body weight when you fall 5m and then stop suddenly, so checking the straps is worth it!
    also our equipment and our work get's inspected so generally it's good to make everything look 'kosher' as bodge jobs on webbing might be a sign that you're also happy to bodge job some rigging as well.
  11. Wear thicker clothing underneath.
  12. That seems to obvious :)
  13. What have married couples living in SFA got to do with webbing straps anyway?
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  14. Pads For Webbing Straps, Pads For Webbing Straps What next I suppose you'll be wanting body amour and grenade launchers,.

    I tell ya in my day you had 58 patt webbing and lumped it none of this fancy nancy gear and we had a proper rifles and proper shit boots you kids are Bloody Spoilt.
  15. try growing some deltoid muscles.