Padres - worthwhile or simply a waste of taxpayers money?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tech_Genius, May 25, 2006.

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  1. I may be slightly bias whilst currently working in phase 1, but all i ever do is fight a constant battle against the Padre/WRVS. The Padre goes out of his way to make sure he thoroughly questions recruits on training / punishments / staff etc. This completely undermines the training teams and also excludes him from the welfare chain for permanent staff - should they ever need him.

    Basically he's about as much use as indicators on a torpedo - but i'm sure they are not all like that????
  2. It doesnt undermine anyone, it complements the training regime you are currently under. He is trained to spot, and able to help with problems being faced by people in your position and give the commanding officer eyes on the ground from an impartial point of view. Conducting church services is a very small part of the Padre's job. Believe me, he is genuinely interested and concerned about your welfare.
  3. Our padre is class. Smokes like a trooper and drinks like a fish.

    He doesn't talk b*****ks and always has fags and sweets to dish out. Now thats good pastoral care...
  4. the one at blandford is ex rhodesian army. Remember getting told about some sprogs who complained of not being ablre to hack it being sent to him and getting told to pull themselves together. pure class.
  5. Hmmm.....he's got multiple addictions and he's always handing out sweeties. My spider-sense is tingling! :wink:
  6. we had this mad padre when i was out in Bos' really tall, grey and an anoying laugh, used to sit next to you in scoff uninvited, anyhow when i rocked up in Iraq turns out the bu@@er was there too! really anoying, however his replacement was spot on and used to F@~k our OC off at the high port and take us to Kuwait and stuff, decent bloke well recieved
  7. The senior pardre in Blandford is probably the nicest and most genuine man I have ever had the pleasue to have met.
    They all have an imposible job to do , its never ending , with little or know reward to show for it in some cases.But they soldier on, sticking to thier guns and spreading the good word.....Wish there was more of them.
  8. Worth their weight in gold.... myrrh or frankincense!

    I wouldn't want their job and the Blandford Padre has always had to work for his money, IMHO.

  9. Had a RAF padre turn up at my det in Telic. Quality bloke!! walked in and said "You all ok, All happy, No problems, Getting on with it? Good right bit done weres the drink?' top bloke!!
  10. knew one once whilst with 7 in 1995 in boz, came to our loc sang oasis all night , played the guitar and dished out the goodies.......these guys are the human side of the armed forces ...keep them , pay them well , get more of many of you out there have the wrong attitude....these guys belive in god but hardly push it onto you.....but they do push there care onto you......stop being such a HARD MAN ( poof ) and relax and be a human too...............................or are you a keen green killing royal signals b3 soldier !! thought so.
  11. The God Squad out on Granby and Grapple were stars. Although the right footers (my particular flavour) on both were a bit "privately schooled" you could see that they did actually care.

    The left footer on Granby was an absolute fcuking God send. Swore like the best of us, sneaked booze in and knew how to communicate with the lads. Even did a multi faith "please don't let me get killed God mate" service where the right footers were excused before the left footed bit.

    The Chaplains have an invaluable place in the services and should be cherished. There's no better place than the battlefield to make people suddenly religious :)
  12. Got a lot of time for the God botherers, I've met a laughing padre (just like the Doctor in the simpsons), an ex navy padre (who pretended he had some typical navy leanings, at least I hope he was pretending) and one nutter padre who called his dog Runcey (after the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time) all of these were quirky but approachable by all, did not force religion down your throat and the one thing they had in common...they could walk in any office and say what they wanted with no fear.

    If you find yourself at odds with the padre that much, the problem might not lie with the Padre!

    Unless of course you have been lemoned with a really bad one, although at ATR(L) I would hope that was unlikely.
  13. H***** was the best Padre I have ever known, beer fags and general chiy chat with no agenda. Telic $ engineers, you know who you are.
  14. If you're based at lichfield mate I think he's a nobber as well, then again you could use him as an excuse for all the sh*t "soldiers" you pump out of that cr@phole on a fortnighly basis!
  15. Our padre at 16 was a diamond. Went to be the Beefers padre. Top fella. And an eating machine.