Padres & Families Officers Help Please

Padres and Families Officers, we need your help. The COs have set up Rear Party as a place for dependants to be with like-minded people. We hope in time it will become a truly supportive environment for the family members who need the companionship of people “in the same boat” when their loved ones are deployed on Operations or who are posted on unaccompanied tours wherever they may be. We hope to appeal as much to the families of reserve personnel as we do to the families of regular personnel whether deployed or not.

What we cannot do easily on our own is reach enough of those families to grow the site membership quickly and this is where we hope you will help. Please would you publicise Rear Party as much as you can. So far we have mums and dads, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends and all keen to meet new people to share the support of new friends. The more you can send us the merrier we will be. And we could be doing with a visiting Padre from time to time as well ;)

Click on this image to go straight to the Rear Party Forums: /images/adverts/ad_rp.gif
Rear Party has grown probably better than anyone expected. I have invited my family to join although I think they are readers and not posters, which is fine too as they are at least getting something out of it.

Let's work together and make it better and better. Now that chat and the gallery have been added, there's no stopping us!!!!!


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