Padres and P-Coy

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Voronezh, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Hello

    Hopefully I've got the right forum to ask this question. If not, apologies.

    My question is: When a chaplain is doing P-company, does he also have to do milling? I assume the answer is, yes, but I'd rather get a proper answer.

    Thanks and regards,
  2. Think so-Ask Sandy he'll know.
  3. One of our recent padres was made to do milling but he refused to throw punches once in the ring. He was quite happy to take punches for 1 minute but was basically told he had to fight back or risk failing. He cracked on but wasn't too pleased.
  4. Thank you for a very interesting reply. Gives quite a lot of insight into the character of that padre, that he just stood and took a good hiding without hitting back. That shows a lot of self-control and balls to do that.
  5. Exactly the type of padre we wish for in the Parachute Regiment!
  6. Just remember 1 Tim 6:12, Fight the good fight.

    Good luck, it'll be like missonary work.
  7. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo... and the boxing gloves.

    Have any Padres given someone a good hiding in milling? Are there any members of the RAChD who have been boxers?
  8. The late Frank Collins was quite handy, but I don't think he was a boxer. Does giving someone a hiding before you're a Padre count?
  9. Being an ex member of them I would imagine he would've handy
  10. I have too opinions on this:

    1) Studdert-Kennedy MC (aka "Woodbine Willie") was an Army Chaplain in WW1 who used to start his Padre's Hours by giving a boxing demo. If milling is seen as sport then what is the problem? Would the padre mentioned above in the thread play rugby?

    2) Personally the ability to keep ones cool during a milling session and not retaliate would in my opinion be a very, very impressive feat and it is a shame that the Para's didn't see it that way.
  11. I don't know about milling but aparently one of our ex padres decked a bloke from a certain airborne gunners regiment in a large difference of opinion between our two units in Canada.
  12. Are SAS personnel really hard then? :)
  13. Well I would'nt imagine their soft, would you ?
  14. Black Mafia, just because they have done the 'Them' course, it doesn't make them automatically hard. If I remember rightly one of them attended your screw's mess for his final goodbye's before joining his new unit, he got a right fu**ing kicking by a Lance Jack?
  15. I'd neither imagine they're hard or soft TBH. Some will be good fighters whilst others won't be able to fight sleep. Passing SAS selection does not make someone good at fighting with his fists.

    You fucking clown. :)