padres and all that is godly!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by threesend, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. is it me but are the majority of padres and religious folk barking!,those that are serving that is!. the reason i ask this, is while sat through moral understanding the padre at my place was definatly crackers.i also remember the padre at 7 sigs many years ago affectionatly known as the "rocking rev" for his improtu moments of banging out an oasis song while playing the guitar, this was awesome while sat in bruggen departure lounge waiting to catch a flight to bosnia.any one out there remember him ?{96-97 ish}
  2. Was at 7 Sigs at the time of that Bosnia tour. The rockin rev was greatly in demand to go do his stuff at other units, bettter than a CSE show. Mind you Fish (Marillion) was pretty awsome at the Terme Hotel.
  3. never saw marillion at terme as i was on mt trebivici above sarajevo!
  4. I saw him at the BLMF...I would gladly have swapped with you, you multi-gym hoarding remote detachment dweller you!

    Padres and responsible for your moral welfare, one for your bodily health and both absolutely alcoholic! That was situation normal in most of the cases I came across. I remember one MO who qualified as a vet and then cross-trained to handle humans, or at least soldiers. He was as barking as his former patients and so too was his ecclesiastical side-kick. Known as "body and soul"...

    Padre for 1 Bde in Bos, RC type, was top man and had the unenviable task of being last man standing when the Prince of Darkness finally switched off the desk-lamp and headed for his night cap.

    It is the RC padres I remember best, because they usually had the most character AND the most diseased livers, best jokes and unending supply of tobacco and Irish whiskey.
  5. We had a padre at 30 who looked just like Saddam Hussein - even he admitted it. Nice bloke though, but a bit eccentric I seem to recall.
  6. Think the rocking rev became padre at Arborfield in 99. Absolutely stark raving bonkers, him and his mad welsh mate. Always garaunteed to cheer the lads up on padres hour.
  7. The Rockin Rev "Dan" I seem to recall, was so much in demand he jammed with Fish at the CSE show in Sarajevo!! Does anyone remember this? I seem to remember in his op tour he did the entire padre thing... a wedding, a funeral and more than several Troop sponsored "jam sessions" ... I mean sunday morning services.

    " Right guys what do you want to sing?"

    "We dont really know sir what can you play?"

    " Well guys I know wonderwall do you lot know the lyrics?"

    I believe his wife took over duties in Krefeld ensuring maximimum participation in church during OC gods visit by promising good songs to sing and blantantly telling OC god that there was absolutely no way the "parish" (many of whom had rolled straight from a party) would be singing his chosen hymns and that the only hymns that would be sung would be her choosing (having agreed with the congregation about 5 hours previously at the aforementioned party!!). A quality team both Dan and Mrs Dan truely bringing the church to life for the majority not just those that do so by design.
  8. Anyone remember the potty pardre from Leconfield he was there 96-97ish.

    He was amazing his introduction speech was one of the greatest ever.
  9. i remember the "wonderwall" services, it really beat "kum-bah-yah" never knew anyone who didnt enjoy that tour in sarajevo!
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Anyone remember Father Alf Hayes, he was in Munster early 80s also did down South 82
  11. The AMF(L) Padre in 99 drank like a trooper and did naked bar!! Top Bloke.
  12. Was he the one who saluted with his left hand ALL the time???
  13. I used to be one of the convoy comms drivers working out of Zetra and would drive Padre Dan around to the dets with his guittar and there was always an impromptu concert. Top bloke, now at the AFS Harrogate I believe.

    Didn't catch his jamming with Fish but heard loads about it. The finest kind of evangelism
  14. That guy was a total legend, the only time I can admit to liking going to church. We used to go every weekend at Arborfield even when we weren't forced.

    He had my parents splitting their sides at an Arborfield open day.
  15. Certainly remember the gig that the Pardre did in the bar under the stadium at Zetra (does anyone remember the name we gave it?) We had some cracking nights in there. Also - Fish was a hero of mine, so to meet him and cook for him and 'groupie' at all his gigs in Sarajevo was unbelievable. Does anyone remember lowering that bottle of whisky down to him from one of the upstairs rooms at the Terme at the after-gig party/bbq/ What a tour!