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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by squirt, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. I am a PADI qualified Advanced Diver but wish to pursue diving within the military, which is based around BSAC. I rang up Bovisands the other day but I've missed all their crossover courses for the year, however they gave me the name of a unit/organisation to search for on ArmyNet to find my local diving centre to try and do one there. However, I can't find the site they were on about..

    Does anyone know anything about these crossover courses or how to find out about getting on one? How long is the course and is it worth doing, as opposed to just doing the BSAC ocean diver course?

    Any help, as always, will be greatly appreciated. :D
  2. I'm not sure how different it is within the mil system but as a civilian wanting to cross over to BSAC you would expect to re demonstrate most skills - there are some differences between PADI standard and BSAC standard skills, also I believe the BSAC theory is more intensive so more theory sessions, and exams to look forward to.

    I can ask around at work on Tuesday as we have some BSAC instructors slumming it at our PADI training centre (and the day I get to tell people we're all just divers and want to get in the water without the interagency willy waving I will be cracking open the Champagne!).
  3. Excellent. Many thanks! :D
  4. oooh scoobs...can you video the willy waving....g'wan be a mate :D
  5. scuba_angel ,
    second the comment about us all just being divers , way too much stress placed on PADI v's BSAC skills , I've dived with some top PADI divers and some crap BSAC and visa-versa , only time I've ever had issue's was diving with some Americans off a cruise ship , down right dangerous , one left his "buddie" to go off with his mates , I ended up having to rescue her when she got into problems .

    do a search for your local BSAC club , they will be more than happy to help you convert to BSAC , I'm thinking of doing the reverse and getting a PADI qualification as most of my diving is not in the UK nowadays .
  6. Thanks for your reply - I'm guessing that's going to cost me money doing it that way.. If I did a crossover through the military would that be free? if not, I think I may well just do the Ocean Diver course and learn to dive all over again!
  7. You really wouldnt want to see it......much more fun when we have the BSAC birds* vs PADI babes wet tee shirt contests ;)

    *we're told they're female but the beards are better than even mine....

    Tell me about it, one of my favourite buddies is an entry level BSAC diver but I'm happier diving with her to 40m on air (I know I know bad bad scoobs etc) and doing deco than I am several of the PADI Instructors I've come across who're also DSAT deep trained. Two systems both work in different ways to the one end point as long as the person has common sense, a decent instructor and are people who have the 'scuba' ,mindset (although I'm told by several different sources that PADI's materials are far better than those produced by BSAC).

    Meh at least we're not all CMAS trained as we all hate the French. :D
  8. AFAIK you would have to join BSAC either way to be covered under BSAC insurance (or something along those lines) and any civvy BSAC club should know what the route from PADI to BSAC is and give you an idea of cost if any beyond the membership fee and usual dive related costs.
  9. Im assuming you are PADI advanced open water trained?
    This crosses over to the BSAc ocean diver qual, if you have completed your PADI rescue diver then you crosssover to sports diver. This is because BSAC has rescue training included from the beginning.

    The crossover can be done in one or two dives and there are two lessons to do. One is explaining the BSAC organisation, the other about differences between the two and the rescue training you havent done. the dive/s just go over the skills you should already be competent with.

    Obviously you will have to pay for BSAC membership/qualifications regardless of who you do it with.
  10. Hello - yes I'm Advanced Open Water. Thanks for the information on the crossover training - that's very helpful as I didn't have a clue how long it would take. I'll keep looking. Cheers!
  11. what unit are you with?
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Coming from PADI as an AOWD you will start the BSAC Club Diver course - you will probably sail the in water skills, know 70% of the theory, actual dive ability will depend on whether you had comparably experience in PADI, and the rescue skills will be new to you.
    How you achieve CD is up to the club, but you will need to pass the practical and theory to the BSAC level.
  13. Thanks again for the info so far. I'm based at Pirbright at the moment.
  14. the engineers have a club run from gib barracks, they will be able to sort you out, search for resda and all the details are there.
  15. Thanks for that - Gib barracks is a good way from here though. I've sent an email to a local civi club so waiting out on what they say..