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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Outcast, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just completed my PADI Divemaster course over in Egypt as my resettlement with a company called Red Sea Relax that is owned by an ex Reg Officer and I must say I would highly recommend it to anyone who fancies a career in recreational diving. The resort is a 5 Star PADI resort and facilities and staff were second to none.

    I had my own apartment complete with king size bed, aircon, kitchenette, cable tv, free laundry and full internet access. They really pull out the stops to look after you and the food is excellent. The diving is some of the best in the world. The centre has just applied as a resettlement ELC provider which I have no doubt it will get. Should anyone fancy it, either check out the web link below or pm me for details. The other big plus point is that you can also go back to do the intructor course also as part of your resettlement and be allowed to stay free in the resort.

    Armed Forces Resettlement Courses- Diving Instructor and Divemaster Resettlement Programme for Army, Navy, Air Force


  2. Outcast ive been looking at these and a few others did you have any issues getting the IRO to sign them off? did you get the flights part of the price or is that down to you ?

  3. Hi BRB,

    I had to do a letter for the IRO saying why I needed to do it in Egypt and the main focus is the weather in uk means its hard to guarantee you will get it completed in the timescale and also that if you plan to work abroad, you need to learn about warm water reef structures. You also need to get 2 quotes from UK companies but with the subsistence, these are usually far greater than Red Sea relax. You can claim mileage to your point of departure but you have to pay the flights yourself. It cost me 89 quid for a single to Sharm el sheik and you get picked up there. Once you are there, everything is included, you are full board, laundry, kit hire so you only need beer tokens although its not a big piss up as you are generally diving every day. If you have a look at the resettlement part of the Red Sea Relax Website, Chris has set out exactly all the costs against your allowances.

    Hope that helps

  4. cheers for the info Outcast the main issue i'm seeing at the moment is finding UK company's that will do the course in a one block and within the GRT time line what company's did you get quotes from?