Paderborner Landbrot

For those of you who are pining for a German Rye bread here's how to make a classic "land" or "Grau"Brot.

The day before you intend to bake the loaf place 400g of Rye flour (Type 1150 or 950) in a large bowl (4Litre capacity at least) mix in cold water starting with 400ml and mix adding more water until you have a sloopy paste with the consistency of waffle dough. Mix in a sachet of sourdough starter (or your own sourdough if you have it, details of how to make sourdough are googleable) cover the bowl with a plate and then leave it, stirring once, for about 15 hours at 26 degree C or 20 hours at 20 C.

The following day mix a further 400g of thr rye flour with 200g of strong white flour (type 550 or 1050) one sachet of dried yeast or one third of a block of fresh yeast (optional belt and braces*) and 20g of salt. Mix the rye sourdough from the previous day in well and enough luke warm water to make a sloppy dough.

Rest the dough for about 20 mins, then tip the lot into a large (3lb) well greased baking tin (the only fat in this recipe) and level it out. N.B. There's no need to knead the dough, kneading sourdough is like herding cats through a dog show!

Cover with a damp cloth and allow the bread to rise for about an hour, with yeast, ninety minutes without yeast.*

Preheat the oven to 250C with a wire rack just below the centre of the oven and a baking tin below it.

Before you put the bread in the oven, prick the top of the loaf for the traditional pattern with a wooden skewer and spray a little water on it, tip a pint of boiling water into the preheated baking tin an put the loaf tin above it on the wire rack. The steam generated is important for a good result.

Bake the loaf at 250C for 15-25 minutes (depends how dark you want it) before dropping the temp to 180C for 40 mins.

I usually tip the loaf out, tap the base, and give it a further five minutes on the wire rack without the tin.

Allow the loaf to cool on a wire rack and fill your boots!


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