Just abou to be posted to Paderborn anyone know what its like and what I can expect there? I hear its pretty cheap out in Deutschland compared with here but then London's pretty fecking expensive anyway. Also anyone know anything about 1PWRR apart from the VC stuff and last Op tour?
Paderborn, it is one of these places that you either like or you don't. I personally liked it because i was always down at the British Mohnesse Sailing Club, and the Manager is also PWRR just to let you know. It is only cheap due tothe fact that the BFG high con have got some agreement with the box-heads for us to get pretty much all goods taxi free. This is good for two reasons, the first is that it give you lower cost goods with out the loss of quality, the second is that it really pi55es off the german's when you ask for Ohne MSTW.

There are several good bars:
The Kump (this is at the end of the main shopping area in town it is good for food and drink)
The Ratpit (this is right up at the top of the shopping area, beside the Rathouse, this also serves good drink but more traditional german food)
In Neu Schloss house there is a great pub that often has lock ins. it is the first one on the road going to the right of the schloss its self, on the far side of the road. and whilst there the imbiss schnell laden (schnelly) is very good indeed.

You want to know any more just drop me a PM.

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