Paderborn/Sennelager Housing Help!

Looking for some info.

Just got a posting to Paderborn. Heard a while back that they were building a new estate close to Barker Bks. Been a few years since I was there and was wondering what the availability of 4 bedroom (type D) houses is like now?

Also anyone got current loa rates for married W02 + 4 sprogs?

Any info would be appreciated :D
There are some 'new' quarters up by Barker, but don't hold your breath for a type D. Chances are they'll find you a hiring, either in Paderborn itself amongst the Boxheads or possibly in Bad Lippspringe, neither of which are going to cause you massive dramas getting to work. JUst pray that they don't put you in Bielefeld, or Herford. :)

LOA is about 19-20 quid a day for you mucker. And with Becks at 2 euros 79 for 6 and fags just about give away, knock yourself out. Just don't spend it all in the one people-carrier!! ;-)

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