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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Jamie95, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. I'm currently beginning training to join the pwrr heavy infantry and there's a possibility of me being posted to paderborn, could anyone shed any light on what there is to do in and around paderborn, for a few young lads
  2. Look forward to it
  3. Well god gave us two ears and one mouth, I have always tried to use them in those proportions
  4. I could swear the OP has posted on ARRSE before and if I recall he was a gobshite on his last thread as well. ..Maybe that one was deleted.

    If I'm right then stfu and exercise some humility whilst working on proportionality in your responses to ACTUAL soldiers.

    If I'm wrong then I do apologise. ..

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  5. And 10 fingers!
  6. There was a young thruster called Jamie a couple of months back asking about keeping his body beautiful whilst going through training. It may be the same awesome young chap, here to raise our spirits.
  7. Paderborn was the only place I was stationed in BAOR (as was). If you have a car the world is your oyster. As the adults on here have stated lots to do in Paderborn itself. As to the children you've come across here, ignore, they are not representative of the proud regiment (and it's antecedents) they claim to be serving in. Enjoy and should you receive any further threats concerning 'sending corporal instructors' around to find you by the aptly named Tiddle you PM me, please.

    Thank you for the very swift action against the thugs who posted here MODS!
  8. From simple question to sexual abuse via threats in under three pages, probably not a record but not bad, just about sums up all that is happening on Arsse these days.

    It was some time ago but I spent 7 years in Paderborn, great posting.
  9. You must be from Norfolk then, I have 8 and 2 thumbs.... its probably a techie corps thing, nothing for the infantry to worry about......
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  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Somebody had the great sense of humour to post me from Sennelager to Paderborn, I didn't even need to move MQ.

    (Agree about summing up ARRSE, if posted in NAAFI, fair enough but seemed a reasonable question from OP)

    Wewelsburg is worth a visit, fairly close to Paderborn.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I did five years in Paderborn between 77 and 82, some of the best years of my life (apart from Fermanagh, West Tyrone and UNFICYP).

    Although we were recce, Alanbrooke Barracks was known to the locals as Infanteriekaserne - Infantry Barracks. We took them over from infantry and we handed them over to infantry. I wonder if this is where you are destined? If so, you are only a mile or two from the centre of town, so even staggering home drunk isn't arduous.

    If you go back through the RAC Forum archives far enough, you might find a thread that concluded that the best ever time and place for an RAC posting was Paderborn 75 - 82. I'd agree with that. Shame you missed out.
  12. I did a posting at 35 Engr Regt an we shared Barker Barracks with 1 PWRR, and I beleive they are still there.

    Decent bunch of lads they were aswell, never really had any problems with them during my time there and they were good to work with on tour.

    Barker barracks is decent aswell. Allthough from what I can remember it is a little further out from the city centre than Allanbrooke is, but not much further. There's a shopping centre, the real, and a university really close too.

    Plenty of boozers to smash up aswell (mangos, globetrotters, highlander etc) and a state of the art nightclub known as Savoys, you will love the place. A look in Hareems wouldn't do you any harm either.

    I'm a few years out of date here, but you will soon be out there and getting amongst it for yourself and then you can get back to us and be an Arrse Rep for Paderborne and keep everyone in the loop :)
  13. I thought all you occupation forces were going to be ******* off home fairly soon?

    WIll there be any 3 year postings to the mighty (hah!) BFG anymore or is anyone posted here in the next 12 months already earmarked for a couple of years painting and repairing barracks for the handback to the Stadt.

    Of course once handed back they will be left to rot for a few years before either being demolised completly (Dortmund) or sold to some spiv to turn into pretty horrendous estates (Lippstadt).