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Paderborn Garrison-VETERAN’S DAY, 28 JUNE 2008

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. 28 April 2008

    Distribution: All Veterans.

    Copy to: Paderborn Garrison Adjutant
    Paderborn GSU RSM

    VETERAN’S DAY, 28 JUNE 2008

    Paderborn Garrison will host a series of events on Sat 28 June 2008 to mark UK Veterans Day. Addressees will be aware that since 2007, 27 June has been earmarked as the day to remember the service provided by veterans. Additionally, 2008 is the centenary year of the founding of the Territorial Army (TA100). As the Garrison has the only TA unit in Germany within its area of responsibility, the centenary will be also be marked during the events on 28 June 2008. The events will be open to all UK veterans residing in Germany and members, including dependants, of the military community in Paderborn Garrison, on Sat 28 June 2008. The events will take place in the area of Normandy Barracks, Bielefelder Strasse, 33104 Paderborn-Sennelager.

    The aim of the event will be to provide an opportunity for UK veterans now resident in Germany to meet and discuss veteran issues and to participate in a (church) service and parade. The event will also serve as a reminder to those currently in uniform and their dependants, of the service provided by those that preceded them, as well as marking TA100 with the Garrison’s own TA unit.

    Garrison units will parade alongside veterans at an open air service officiated by the Brigade Senior Chaplain. A limited number of veterans will then attend a lunch in the NATO Officers’ Mess, followed by a proposed forum to discuss veteran issues hosted by Headquarters, United Kingdom Support Command (Germany). Concurrently, remaining veterans and their families, together with the current military community in Paderborn Garrison, will have an opportunity of visiting a number of static exhibits provided by Garrison units and welfare organisations. There will also be catering stands available for the purpose of purchasing meals, snacks and drinks.

    Participants are asked to dress in a manner befitting such an occasion; such as jacket/blazer, trousers, shirt, tie, (Regimental head-dress and medals optional).

    10:15 --- Assemble at the Car-park behind the NAAFI, Normandy Barracks. March to the Garrison Headquarters, Antwerp Barracks (Approximately 600 metres).

    11:00 -- 11:45 --- Service, Antwerp Barracks.

    12:00 -- 13:15 --- Lunch for invited veterans, NATO Officers’ Mess.

    12:00 -- 16:00 --- Static exhibits, Catering stands.

    13:30 – 14:30 --- Veteran’s Forum, Leicester Model Room.

    16:00 – midnight --- Royal British Legion, Social get-together; Poppy Inn, Dempsey Barracks, Husaren Strasse, 33104 Paderborn-Sennelager.

    Social Evening
    After the event those who wish, may attend a social evening in the Paderborn, Branch of the Royal British Legion. A small donation may be asked to cover the cost of food (It won’t break the bank).

    The event is open to all veterans and families and not just members of the Royal British Legion. Personnel attending will be expected to book in at the Guardroom and should therefore bring either an Ausweis or Passport. In order to coordinate the event, personnel are requested to supply the following information by 5 June 2008.

    Surname ………………………. Forename ……………………..,

    Number of personnel in party ………………………….

    Car Details;

    Make ……………………., Model…………………………………..

    Colour……………………., Registration number ………………………

    Attending, Royal British Legion Social Evening YES / NO


    You can either

    e-mail your details to: rblpaderborn(at)


    Telephone: 05250 937328 between 6 – 9 pm

    05254 982 2663 between 8am and 4pm, Monday -- Friday

  2. . . . on the 34th anniversary of the Sovereign's Parade for my intake at RMAS: how kind of them.