Paderborn and Sennelager 73 - 75

Recently been back to see how the whole place has been cleaned up. The strip especially, although I had heard it changed - is nothing like I remember. So quiet on a Friday night now that the MPs can actually walk along it!
Remember the strip from 1976-80, Moulin Rouge and a few other bars etc. Great memories.

Outstanding said:
Wasn't there a perfoming donkey in there with some Shemale singer?
Hmm, not as far as I'm aware. Not heard anyone talk about it - and believe me they would.

BT. :lol:
Something like it in the Moulin Rouge around spriong time in 73, I definitely remeber the she male, who would let blokes undress "her" on stage - great fun - until it got to the meat nd two veg moment!!

The memories come flooding back!

Anyone frequent the Isaar Stuben (Sp?) across the Sennelager road from Alanbrooke Bks?

"Dirty Gertie" (Wiltrude) who used to get her puppies out for the lads.

I recall my first evening there in 75 on the Pre-Advance Party (we were relieving 2? Royal Anglian) doing our Group 'H' there as Borden was up to capacity.

A mate and I went out and into the first likely watering-hole. There were a couple of TA lads in there who were on an exercise for a week or so, both pissed.

We had our first beers in our hands when one of them says to Wiltrude, "Show us yer tits!" To which she replied, "Buy me drink first."

When the bloke replied in the negative, Wiltrude says, "No bloody pharking drink. No bloody pharking tits!" :mrgreen:

I commented that we had stumbled into the right place and Wiltrude asked where we were from. I explained that we had just arrived to take-up residence in Alanbrooke Bks.

With that she was around the bar, wrapped herself around me and declared, "New boys. I like new boys." In the best Marlene Dietrich accent imaginable.

One of her hands explored my packet so I reciprocated. She didn't bat an eyelid.

I spent the following week trying to stay awake during the Group 'H' course because I was in residence with 'Gertie' getting free beer followed by nightly sessions in her flat above the bar. :hump:

How the hell I passed the course I'll never know but I suppose when you are 19, a surfeit of alcohol and sex is unheard of.

Thanks for triggering memories of those heady days. :thumleft:
Pretty sure it was 3 R Anglian you were relieving as we were going to Cyprus from Alanbrooke Bks at that time. Dirty Gertie - she must be dead bu now!!??
You are probably correct.

My only excuse for the lapse in memory was an almost constant alcohol and sexual haze at that time! :oops:

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