Paderborn 1981

I received my pension update along with SPVA AFPS newsletter to-day and the request reads as follows:

Royal Military Police Request for Assistance Katrice Lee, the daughter of ex-WO2 Ritchie Lee 15/19H, disappeared from the NAFFI in Schlos Neuhaus. Paderborn, Germany, on Saturday 28th November 1981. It was her second birthday. Operation BUTE is the RMP re-investigation into her disappearence and as part of the inquiry it is vitally important that every effort is made the trace potential witnesses.

If you were in the Naafi at Schlos Neuhaus, Paderborn on 28th November 1981, have any information that you feel may assist the investigation or took part in the searches that followed, it is important for you to contact the RMP.

With the kind assistance of the SPVA through this pension's newsletter, it is hoped that witnesses will contact the Operation BUTE Major Incident Room on 0800 616888, 01980 673657 or via email at:

I believe that some ex Mil ARRSE'RS were there at the time, but do not receive this newsletter.

I was stationed in this area with my young family and it brought shivers to all parents I do hope that something may come from this new investigation , as I and many other believe at the time RMP and GCP did not do a through job. ( any EX RMP who was involved in this at the time are quite welcome to slate my opinions, not that I give a toss. )

To the MODS please remove if a similar Thread is active, and accept my apols.

Keep bumping it, then people get fed up of seeing it, and ignore the thread
People will only ignore the thread after they've read the first post - or if they notice RMP in the title.

I'd suggest a re-post as "Paderborn 1981"
Just read the DM article. Not much to say as I was in Harrogate at the time, but it apropos of nothing, it is not very accurate to describe Paderborn as a village.
People will only ignore the thread after they've read the first post - or if they notice RMP in the title.

I'd suggest a re-post as "Paderborn 1981"
Thanks for the heads up PIMH, still a tadge new to this.

The McCann case (which springs to mind) gets so much publicity WORLD WIDE, Then and now.
That must really add to the hurt the parents of Katrice have been feeling all this time, I know it would me.


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If you have anything meaningful relating to this case, there is a Facebook group:

There is also a 15/19H group and anyone was serving at the time is a member of both. You won't get into the 15/19H group cos it's closed - unless you can sweet-talk an admin, like me.

Since you ask, it happened on my shift and I have felt bad about it ever since even though there was nothing I could do and no blame. We were doing mobile garrison patrols at the time because the IRA were active. I and another 15/19H NCO had been dicked to perform these patrols (two times NCO, driver and an FFR) that day. I got to spend the end of my shift searching the complex, then for the next week the regiment scoured Nordrhein-Westfalen.
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