Paddys new coat

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by cowswithguns, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. My mate Paddy just called and said he’s got a bargain in Harrods. He said he bought an £1800 coat for £25. Paddy said the label stated that it was slightly imperfect but he had a good look over it and all he could find wrong was that one of the sleeves was 1 cm shorter than the other two.
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  2. Very good - I had to read it twice though.
  3. I was talking to an old Int. Corps. friend on our Op Banner tours. " How did you like County Down?"

    "Hasn't been the same since Carol Vordermann left!!" he replied.
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  4. Mick was walking to his mate Paddys farm, he could hear Sex Bomb booming from the barn.
    Mick approached and through the door could see Paddy dressed in a Cameo thong thrusting his hips in time to music at a rusty old Massey Ferguson.
    "what the fuck are you doing Paddy?"

    A very embarrassed Paddy starts to explain how his sex life is poor and had saught medical advice, " the doc suggested I do something sexy to a tractor"

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