Paddy Plod training Libyans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. PSNI officers have been training the Libya police, this must realy upset any ex RUC officers, very thoughtless and it seems the Government have been trying to keep it under wrap
  2. Or maybe they are just policing professionals who can take justifiable pride in improving the quality of Policing provided by Libyan Civpol.

    ....shocking I know. But not everyone needs an outrage bus to justify their existence.
  3. ...or a slab of semtex
  4. I didn't realise there were any Catholics in Libya needed oppressing?

    Well, not since the 80s anyway.
  5. I wonder how Yvonne Fletchers family will feel. for those of you who don't remember.

    I suppose you could take the POV to let bygones be bygones but at what point does it become a bygone?
  6. Depends how badly you want the oil??

  7. Bugger!

    Bang goes the overtime.
  8. I listened to this on Radio 5 yesterday. They said "Libya supplied arms and explosives to DISSIDENTS who used them to kill British Army, RUC, civilians............."

    Would these "dissidents" be in addition to the IRA, or is this BBC / Labour new speak?
  9. or prods for that matter,you one sided person? after all? who kiled,maimed,and injuered the most? take your one sided 3d glasses off and take a look at both sides for a change! Pira? all saints? you should know better,or,are your blinkers to tight?
  10. There's a very funny incident recounted in Eamon Malie and Patrick Bishop's book The Provisional IRA where a Sinn Fein delegation bumped in to a similar delegation from the UDA in Libya circa 1974 . Apparently they'd both been invited by Gaddafi who had no idea the IRA and UDA had entirely opposing political views :lol:
  11. This is the thin edge of the wedge,regarding NuLiabor and secret arrangements with the Libyans.Others will get hurt,before this is over.
  12. I good not agree more! But whoe's going to take the Flak over this? New lairbor? I think not? Aares's well covered? bet ya!!!!