Paddy Ashdown warns of further NATO intervention in KOSOVO

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. It is very likely that Kosovo will declare independence on 12th December. Paddy Ashdown speaking on the Radio 4 today programme this morning expressed his deep concern regarding the deteriorating situation in the area. He thought that NATO including the UK may have to find further troops to send to the area. He said 'just how we find those I don't know' I don't either! He thought that the whole thing could slide into the water quickly if we didn't.
  2. In full;jsessionid=32NOT3C3WQA0LQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/29/ncameron129.xml
  3. The only answer is Partition
  4. We'll know we've hit the bottom of the barrel when I get a mobilisation letter. I'll keep you informed...
  5. Take it we will be reintroducing conscription then. Where exactly will we magic these extra soldiers from?

  6. Well, a start in averting a crisis could be made if the West started treating Serbia in the same way as it treats everyone else. Lets not forget that the international community (rightly) bent over backwards to preserve the territorial integrity of Croatia when areas that had overwhelming ethnic-Serb populations were declaring themselves independent. Ditto with regards to Iraq - thousands of Coalition troops have died partly to preserve the territorial integrity of what is largely an imperial construct. Why is Serbia treated so differently, even to the extent that a province that has been Serbian for longer than most countries have existed may be allowed to declare itself independent? Would the same be acceptable in, say, Bradford?
  7. Realpolitik old chap..
  8. Yeah, because realpolitik never comes back to bite you on the arrse does it?
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Very good point. If only the Serbs could be kept under control, the partition of what is effectively THEIR country could be avoided. They don't help themselves by butchering the ethnic population a la Nazi style.

    It's a stinking mess that we are best out of, can't afford to get involved in AGAIN because of the ongoing underfunding, lack of troops and kit, and two other bl00dy wars.

    Broon isn't going to lift one chubby, sweaty finger to sort out Kosovo, because it will highlight the enormous deficiencies in our armed forces funding even further - and he's still going "la la la" on that issue as it is.

    Chances of a medium sized British fighting capability in Kosovo - NIL. This one is up to the septics and anyone else from NATO who hasn't committed their troosp to Afghan and Iraq (basically most of Europe).
  10. Nah, thats Manifest Destiny you're thinking of.
  11. I do feel that the UK is doing it's fair share for Europe overseas now.
    Shirley the remained of of The Euro Nations can find the troops required for this Balklands deployment.
    The Balklands 'Problem' has gone on for Undreds of years, why British Politicians think they can offer a solution NOW is beyond me.
  12. Partition is not always bad - Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Like democracy, it may well be the least worse solution.
  13. You mean we don't have enough?
    How about this as a help - take all the MPs and form a new Battalion of Westminster 1st Foot In Mouth and send them to KOSO, that way we can save a few million to be spend on the rest of HMF.
  14. The Septics have been reinforcing the region with National Guard & Air Force National Guard (FFS) for months now. They really don't have a handle on how nasty this might be.
  15. Partition would reward violence. UN and NATO screwed up by not enforcing the rule of law in Kosovo. They have no credibility. I spent part of 1999 flying some very dodgy characters around in the back of my Herc. Oh how this one is going to bite back in the arrse. Same mistakes are being repeated by NATO in Afghanistan and were repeated again in Iraq.

    Softly softly, doesn't cut it in these parts of the world.

    Standing by to be mobilised.